What is Christmas with No Snow?

A Christmas in Houston, Tx that’s what!

Well you can have a snowy Christmas by coming and seeing White Christmas at Theatre Under the Stars!

You can get your tickets by clicking HERE.

Enjoy the rehearsal clip from last week. I think you’ll be able to spot me…!

Let me know when you’re seeing the show!



Let Yourself Go, Relax

Day 2 of WC and I’m loving this cast and crew! Finished the opening number today. Lots and lots of fun.

Get your tickets now because I hear they’re flying! December 6th-18th. Click here for tickets.

Now I have two Youtube vids for you today. The first is the Red Queen dance from Christopher Wheeldon’s production of Alice in Wonderland, commissioned by The Royal Ballet. Beyond clever and perfectly performed! (Thanks to Jen for sharing.)

After watching that video I continued to watch every video of the production on Youtube. One of the most unique parts of the production is that the Mad Hatter was a tap role. Partnering Principal, Steven McRae’s superb ballet technique with his incredible tap skills was just perfect for the role. Than I got watching the few vids of McRae tapping on Youtube and I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s not every day you see a ballet dancer of that caliber doing his pullbacks just as exquisitely as his fouettes.

I love good Youtube finds!

love and laducas,


October Playlist 2011

Highlights from this month:

-My absolute favorite song to walk down the street to in New York is “Don’t Stop the Music.” It’s perfect strut music!

-“I’m Wishing/One Song”  is a song from the show, Disney’s On the Record. The album is no longer for sale but if you can get your hands on a copy, do it, especially if you’re a Disney fan. The arrangements of all the songs are so much fun and this song in particular is absolutely beautiful.

-I’ve been listening to the White Christmas recording multiple times a day and getting so excited for rehearsals! “Blue Skies” has always been a favorite of mine.

-Once again, Slow Club has made this month’s list! “When I Go.” is such a sweet song.

-Recently found the gorgeous bass voice of Josh Turner and can’t help but melt a little everytime I hear him sing, “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

-“The Girl” by City And Colour. Beautiful. Fun. Can’t stop listening to it.

-I’ve had Micky Green’s album for a long while now, but for some reason never listened to all of it. “Now it’s Gone,” is written perfectly and it makes me feel relaxed and at peace with life.

It’s been a great month and it’s not even over! I’m back in Houston for a bit before rehearsals begin and spending time with my family and the studio. Confession… I’ve started listening to some Christmas music… I know! But only just a little bit!


Little Letters

It’s been a year since my last Little Letters so I thought it was about time to bring it back!

Dear New York, though I will be leaving you for a while soon, I’ll miss you. I won’t miss the winter though.

Dear Houston, it’s amazing how often I find myself missing you.

Dear Michael Tapley, thank you for being the absolute perfect mentor for me. I couldn’t be more excited to share the stage with you in WC!

Dear Mom, I cannot put into words how much I love you. Thank you for always being there to listen, talk, comfort, encourage, and direct me.

Dear Internet, you rock. It’s because of you I can sit in my living room and watch General Conference.

Dear clouds, I’m in love with your always changing patterns. I love the light rays and the silver linings you create. You are stunning.

Dear pasta, thank you for being yummy and easy to make. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn to cook something else.

Dear me, get your butt into a ballet class this week!

Dear Fall, you are my favorite. I love seeing the leaves change colors.

Dear Radio City, I’m not going to lie… I do miss you. And it is hard sometimes. But I’m forever grateful to everything that you taught me. I was extremely lucky to have you as my first professional job. I’m grateful for the friendships I gained and the lessons I learned.

Dear Itunes, get ready to put the White Christmas album on repeat!!!

Dear President Monson, you are the best storyteller. Oh how I’ve enjoyed listening to you this Conference weekend.

Dear you, I need a new book to read. Got any suggestions?

Happy Sunday! I’m so enjoying the talks being spoken in General Conference. Looking forward to everything I’ve got going on this week.


I’m not one to blog about my love life…

… but I felt prompted to today. Everyone asks me if I’ve met anyone while I’ve been in NY. Not really. Seeing as the only guys I see are at work and most of them bat for the opposite team, I really haven’t met many straight men (remotely close to my age as well.)

So on nights like these where I wish I was on a cute Manhatten dinner date, I’m actually sitting at home eating oreos and watching White Christmas. This happens a lot, but a different musical/romantic comedy. I watch all these dreamy guys on screen and I think about what my dream man is… K, here’s my top 10.

10. Danny Kaye 

9. a straight version of Cheyenne Jackson

8. Jimmy

7. Jeffery Denman

6. Noah

5. Donald O’Connor

4. Gilbert

3. Fred Astaire

2. Mr. Darcy 

1. Gene Kelly

I realize that I’m in love with fictional characters and men that I’ve only see play fictional characters, but until Mr. Right comes along, these men will just have to do.


p.s. sorry im not much of a blogger these day. work keeps me very busy and i’m about to have a butt load of visitors for the holidays! so my blogging will probably be less frequent for the rest of the month. merry christmas and happy holidays!