It is a fact of life that if Caitlin is in a show she will not make time to blog!

So my last blog post was over a month ago and I don’t know where the time has gone. Actually I do know… it went with Urban Cowboy.

Considering we only had one full day off during those three weeks, I had no energy to blog after the long days of rehearsal. Apologies, but I have a feeling that how its going to be for most shows I do from here on out.

I was so nervous for this show before starting rehearsals. Even though this wasn’t my first professional job, it was in fact my first professional musical theatre job. This was the start… what I’ve always wanted. I was so nervous that I’d say or do the wrong thing, make a fool of myself… just endless scenarios went through my head.

But lemme tell you, I just had the most amazing three weeks of my life!!!  I got to dance and sing my face off and had a blast doing it with the most amazing, hard-working, and funny cast and crew. It was a joy and honor to work along side each and everyone one of them. Every single day I’d leave rehearsal with my cheeks hurting from laughing and smiling so hard. Brooke Wilson was not only a perfect Sissy, but she’s got to be one of the funniest woman I’ve ever met. She was like our own personal cheerleader everyday. Sitting next to Michelle DeJean in the dressing room ever day was an absolute treat. Larry Lozier, aka Norman “Boones” Tucker, is my new best friend. I love him so so dearly. Logan Keslar, if you’ve changed at all since you were 16, it’d be that you’re more wonderful and hilarious. Never a dull moment! Cheryl, our dear, deer! And I was so blessed to have the most amazing partner, Xavier. I can’t imagine playing Bubbles to a different Bubba!

This show taught me so much. First off, I’ve never liked gum. Therefor I’ve never blown bubble gum. Well on the first day, when Paula told me I had to blow Bubbles throughout the show, I nearly freaked. Thanks to a good many people, I’m now adding Bubble Gum Blowing onto my Special Skills portion of my resume! Another thing… I love country music!! Its not like I’ve ever not liked it, I just never really got into it. It truly is an acquired taste. What I love about it is that its so relatable- as cheesy as it seems sometimes, the things that are sung about are things that everyone goes through and can connect with. I’m still never going to listen to a Taylor Swift song, as catchy as they may be, but slap on some Keith Urban or Dixie Chicks and I’ll sing along!

One of the hardest things to say goodbye to were my boots. I’ve never been crazy about cowboy boots. With my high arches, boots have never been comfortable to put on, take off, or wear. But the boots I wore for the show were so comfortable and pretty, and I never had a problem with them. I’m so tempted to go buy me some boots now!

Getting to perform at Miller Outdoor Theatre was a dream come true. I grew up going and seeing TUTS’ summer shows there so to be in one was beyond amazing! I was lucky enough to have a great entrance in the first big dance number that allowed me to look out across the audience and the hill, seeing all the thousands of people who’d come to see the show, as well as the glorious sunset every night. The feeling I got from that every night is one I will never forget.

And having my headshot and bio in a Playbill…. I mean C’MON! DREAMS COME TRUE PEOPLE!

If I ever had a doubt in my mind that the theatre wasn’t my calling in life, Urban Cowboy proved it to me. I love what I do and am so so blessed to make a living doing it.

What is next for Caitlin Cannon? You shall have to wait and see. I’m excited to find out too!

 Norman Tucker, you can call him Boones for short. I love you Larry baby!

Cagelle to Cowboy in a minute, Logan Keslar.

My first professional gig with my fave girl, Paige!

Our amazing leading ladies, Brooke and Michelle. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss these two!

This girl is the most gorgeously dorky girl I know. Brooke Humphrey- you are a beast of a talent and such a great friend.

We both started out not knowing how to blow a bubble and now we do! I love my Bubba!

Best cast ever! Let’s do this again real soon, alright y’all?!

Thanks to all of you who came and saw the show. It means so much to me you have no idea.