How to Succeed on Broadway

1) Get a huge Hollywood name who can actually sing, dance, AND act all extremely well

2) Get one of the most fantastic director/choreographers who really understands how to the revive a classic without ruining it

3) And then watch the house fill up show after show!

Saw H2S last week before I headed off to Htown. I had heard wonderful things about Dan Radcliffe and seen his amazing performance from the Tonys, but I wanted to see for myself what everyone else was saying. And wow… what a talent! It’s so nice to know that there’s talent like that out there. I truly think he was meant for the stage. He was so comfortable onstage and I appreciate how hard he’s worked to get where he is. He sang with great ease, his dancing was flawless, and his comedic timing was spot on. It was a perfect role for him and I’m excited to see where his future leads him. Hopefully for us there’ll be more theatrical endeavors.

The rest of the cast was brilliant as well. John Laroquette is such a seasoned vet. His take on the role was a lot of fun. Rose Hemingway was a perfect Rosemary! And the rest of the cast was as equally strong and brilliant!

┬áNow if only I could see the show when Darren Criss steps in…



Over the Rainbow #5- Voice of Gold

If gold could sing it would sound like Audra McDonald. I was thrilled when I heard OTR sung by Ms. McDonald who is without a doubt in my mind one of the greatest living performers. I had the oppertunity to meet her after I saw her in the revival of 110 in the shade and she’s extremly gracious and kind. Her sweet spirit shows in every song she sings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 4 time Tony award winning Audra McDonald! Isn’t she just beautiful?!

Later, CC