Things I’m Thinking

-i love the above. found via google.

-beth rowely is my new favorite jazz singer. can’t. get. enough.

-the only thing i miss about my long hair is when i would put it up in a high sloppy bun. gosh i miss that look.

-yah! the world didn’t end!

-i have and always will be madly in love with a black and white checkered marble floor.

-castle season finale. gasp. fringe season finale. gasp. nearing the end of the final season of 3rd rock on netflix. tear.

-is there anyone that likes auditioning???

-wild target with emily blunt. how come i just now saw it? can i please have all of her outfits?!

-there are so many people in this city. it hurts my head just thinkin about it.

-i love my sisters.

-paris!!!! you are so soon. i can’t wait!

-i need a job. i want to go shopping.

-if you’re a theatre person and you’re on twitter, please follow @BFAproblems. they will make your day time and time again.

-wow, I can get a lot of blogging done when I’ve twisted my ankle and have nothing else to do but sit in bed for three days.


(To go along with the theme of this blog entry, I decided to put up one of my favorite songs from the band, Fun. Listen as you read!)

So the show is practically staged and we have one more week of rehearsals till we get in the theatre. VERY exciting and VERY nerve wracking. I’m trying to keep my head clear and not get stressed. Tonight I spent time with my friend Johanna and had some easy FUN! It was nice to go shopping, run errands, eat some good food. Sometimes you need to just relax.

And of course we had mini photoshoots! Of course…

I loved having fun with dear Johanna tonight!



Heaven on Earth

As celebration of my first week of rehearsals I decided to splurge a little bit and go for a small shopping spree at Anthropologie. Taylor came along to monitor my spendings!

I just love going to Anthro. Not only just to shop… but it is the most wonderful place. Its filled with so much creativity and ideas. I also leave so inspired. They’re catalogues too… I swear, if I wasn’t a performer, I’d want to be a photographer for them.

Isn’t it just beautiful? I want to live in the world of Anthropologie.

Here’s the sweater and purse I bought!

Where do you like to splurge?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!




Cute products

Found these today as I was browsing my favorite online stores.

Sigh… too cute…