June Playlist 2011

I love Music! I had so many other songs for this month but narrowed it down to these. Ryan called me out for only listen to chick music. I disagree! Though I do listening to plenty of chick music and adore it, I do listen to my fair share of other kinds of music. I try to like a little bit of everything!

-“What a Difference A Day Makes” by Dinah Washington has such a classy sound and its my current favorite shower song.

-Everyone needs a little Sondheim in their month, wouldn’t you say? Therefor, I have “It Takes Two” from Into the Woods.

-Cara showed me “The Road” and its one of the most beautiful 3:42 secs.

-That opening beat in “Everybody Knows” just makes me feel so powerful. Elizabeth & the Catapult are just brills.

-“Vie En Rose” for Paris. Naturally. And by Pompla… I mean c’mon!

-Since I’m getting ready for Urban Cowboy, I thought it’d be appropriate if I started integrating some Country music in my life. Scary as that seemed, it actually not too bad. Ashley introduced me to Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s “Complicated” and lemme tell you… I like it! Ok Summer of ’11, show me your best country music. I’m all ears!!

-I found Beth Rowley when I was looking at the “An Education” soundtrack (And if you haven’t seen this movie, you must!). She’s fantastic, such a nice traditional jazz sound and so very unique. I sing “Sunday Kind of Love” every single day. It’s the ultimate jazz love song to me.

What are you listening, humming, and rocking out to?


Things I’m Thinking

-Some people just don’t know when to stop.

-I’ve found myself in the midst of grumpy people lately. I try to be extra happy but it seems to make the room sadder… Lighten up people.

-I’m on a major blog high. Can’t get enough of Apartment 34, Design Love Fest, my Lens of Love… there are so many brilliant people in this world!

-It feels good to be at the studio again. Different but the same.

-I REALLY need to do a photoshoot. ASAP.

-Anxiously awaiting Valentines Day. Anthropologie’s Wedding Line is being released. Dream come true! (I’m a huge wedding geek…)

-As of this very moment: New York= 30 degrees, Houston=59 degrees. Jealous, slushy New York???

-What was my life like without Ashley Van Pelt? I don’t remember.

-If you slur the words, “It’s Alright” so that it said, “S’alright,” it sounds like “Sorry.”

-I love my family so so much. I must say, I love living with my bro-in-law, Ryan. I never had brothers, so its fun to have some brotherly teasing. He gives the best advice and always provides great conversation. He and Nat are the cutest couple and I love seeing them all the time!!

-Been home for a week now and do you think I’ve emptied my suitcases? Probably should get on that…

-I’m about to turn 19? This year has certainly flown.

-Isn’t this photo just stunning:

have a great week!



So I have a youtube account dedicated to my more “vloggy” videos vs. my performing vids. I’ve put up 3 videos recently.

The first one was when I was still in Htown. Bro-in-law, Ryan, was (and hopefully continue) teaching me how to drive. This was my first time “on the street” but it really was just down my block!

And the secondĀ is a video of me and one of my fellow brand new Rox, Paige, going waist deep in our ice bath for the first time!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. I had my first reh with all the NY Rox today. It was crazy. I was overwhelmed and had a hard time focusing because I was just so in awe with how real this all is. Moving to NY, getting payed to do what I love… just living the dream. I’m looking forward to documenting more of my time of my first season as a Rockette.



Leaving home

I love New York. I’ve visited there every summer since I was 13 for several weeks at a time. I’ve always known that I want to live there. It was clear to me from the moment I stepped into Times Square for the first time. At the end of every trip to NY, I’ve always felt like, “Well this was fun, but its time for me to go back to Houston!” But at this last trip, I really didn’t feel that. Something had changed. New York had become my real true home. I know it’ll officially be soon. But in my heart, I really wanted to stay. More than I had ever felt. If I hadn’t had priorities here in Houston I probably would have just stayed!! It was so hard leaving my new, true home.

I’m so incredibly lucky. I’m a Radio City Rockette at 18. I’m moving to New York. I’m going to have a white Christmas.

I’m enjoying my time in Houston for the remainder of the summer. I’m learning to drive thanks to my awesome Brother-in-Law. We’re doing Singin in the Rain at RAFA and Travis and Ashley are awesome. All my family will be together in a few weeks and i can’t wait. When Max gets back we’re having Thanksgiving! Its not so bad being back in Houston.

But I just miss home. And Max.


Warm Fuzzies

Photo by me from Natalie and Ryan’s shoot the morning after it snowed.

-Seeing snow outside while dancing the Nutcracker

-Taking photos of my sister and bro-in-law and seeing how in love they are

-Hearing my niece say, “I loooove you, Aunt C-ia”

-Makenzie memories

this song

-cuddling underneath my sheets on a cold rainy morning


-having amazing, surreal days

-seeing my Secret Santa’s reaction to their gift

-wearing my scarf my Secret Santa gave me (I LOVE IT! Thank you, whoever you are.)

-opening new doors that have always been there

-performing Spanish with my dears, Anna and Kate

-when a little kid tells me i was their favorite part of the show

-the holiday season and all its wonderfulness

happy holidays everyone! enjoy the wondefulness of this time of year.


Happy Sunday!

Kenz poolSundays are so nice, especially since its usually a day off from everything else. It’s like a vacation from craziness. Plus I love seeing all my church family and hearing such wonderful lessons from my teachers.

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! The weather outside is glorious. Go enjoy it!

For the rest of my Sunday I think I’ll read a good book, go walk my dogs, and then go eat some yummy dinner at Nat and Ryan’s tonight with Nik and my Mom. Sounds nice to me.

What do you like doing on a perfect Sunday?