Pizza Dinner with my fab Rox

Where: Vyne Wine Bar NYC

With Who: The 301 Rockstars and Rangers

What was eaten: Some very delicious pizzas

Met with some of my lovely Rockette friends last week for pizza (and for them drinks!) I almost did not go… Well I might as well publicly announce this- I didn’t get my job back and I will not be returning to the Christmas Spectacular this season. It’s a bummer but I know that everything happens for a reason. After doing Urban Cowboy this summer, I just know that musical theatre is my true passion. I love Rockettes with all my heart and maybe will return someday to it, but for now I’m positive that there is some other road for me to find.

I love these ladies so much. During the season they were my family. Even though I was the baby of the group, they took me under their wing and treated me as an equal. It’s amazing how much they taught me about how to be a woman.

Once a Rockette always a Rockette!



301 Rockstars

I was in love every single one of my dressing roommates. I miss our crazy dance parties, games, and fun conversation. These ladies always had my back and I just know we’ll all be back together rockin it out next year!

Gosh I miss them!


Favorite Images from 2010

from personal photos to my photoshoots, here are my favorite photos from last year.

There are so many more images that I love from this past year, but of course I couldn’t put them all up. Can’t wait to see all the images that are created out of 2011.

Opening Night!

Last night was our official opening night at Radio City and it was spectacular!

It was so awesome to have my mom and Kevin in the audience cheering me on.

I love the 301 Rockstars. We’re so awesome! Sharing a dressing room with them is the best!

I’m beyond excited to have the show up and running. I love my job and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a famous line of women!

(I’m second from the left on the second row!)



Invited Dress

Last night was our Invited Dress Rehearsal where we could invite family and friends to come see the show so that we could adjust to having an audience. It was so thrilling to look out and see an audience. I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this is real.”

I was so lucky to have Annie, Jason, Johanna, Eric, and Jennifer there supporting me. I love them so much!

One more final dress rehearsal tonight and then our first show is tomorrow!!!!

Mom and Nat are arriving today!



Survived Tech!

Had an amazing week of tech! What a thrill it is to perform on the Great Stage. I started crying during the first time we did the shine kick line with music on stage. It’s the most incredible feeling to look out into that house with the lights shining up from the ground and see your legs kicking alongside the world’s famous kicking legs and realize, “Wow! This is real! Dreams do come come true.”

Tomorrow starts our first round of dress rehearsals. Can’t wait to get the costumes on and add that whole dimension to the show. First show is Friday!!! Mom and Nat get here on Thursday. It’s going to be an amazing week!



The Great Stage

Tomorrow starts my 2 1/2 month stay on the Great Stage of Radio City Music Hall. We’ve finished the rehearsal process and now moving on to tech rehearsals at the theatre. Our first show is a week from Friday. It’s all so soon and exciting!

Tech rehearsals are very long days so my blogging might become a little bit infrequent over the next few weeks but keep checking back. I just might post something! We’ll see…!