RDA Part 4: The Dress

I’ve been talking about this dress for literally a year. I saw the fabric and knew I was going to make this happen. Since I don’t get to go to prom, this was my prom dress. Thanks Mommy for making it. Isn’t she amazing.

That’s all for my RDA posts. What a memorable trip!



RDA Part 1: Calmes

A few weeks ago, I emailed Richard Calmes, the RDASW photographer. I’ve blogged about him before and as most of you know I’m a big fan of his work. He was very sweet in his reply to my email and I was ecstatic when he asked if me and a few friends wanted to do a photoshoot with him the day before festival started. We were all so excited!! So Wednesday afternoon, Dev, Cara, Heather, Travis, Aaron, Max and myself went to a few different locations in San Antonio and got some beautiful shots. Meeting Richard and his wife, Holley was the absolute highlight of my trip.