RDA Part 1: Calmes

A few weeks ago, I emailed Richard Calmes, the RDASW photographer. I’ve blogged about him before and as most of you know I’m a big fan of his work. He was very sweet in his reply to my email and I was ecstatic when he asked if me and a few friends wanted to do a photoshoot with him the day before festival started. We were all so excited!! So Wednesday afternoon, Dev, Cara, Heather, Travis, Aaron, Max and myself went to a few different locations in San Antonio and got some beautiful shots. Meeting Richard and his wife, Holley was the absolute highlight of my trip.

I’m so excited for…

1) Getting my new jeans and bathing suit in the mail tomorrow!!!

2) RDA. RDA Roomies! RDA classes. Meeting Richard Calmes! RDA shows. Performing Travis, Luis, and my’s pieces. Dressing up pretty.

3) a very exciting photo shoot in San Antonio before RDA (details forthcoming)

4) Grease. We’ve almost finished staging the show and it looks great. Kevin has made the show so fresh and fun and we’re all having so much fun. Add costumes, wigs, lights, and an audience… OOH I CAN’T WAIT!

5) Rockette audition on the 29th of next month!

Things I’m Thinking

It’s been awhile since i’ve done one of these… so slip into Caitlin Cannon’s mind… (beware, its crazy!)

  • i wish my back would stop hurting so that i can sit in one position and be comfortable. i hate fidgeting to be comfortable. and i hate having sharp pains shooting through the right side of my back.
  • Natalie’s birthday is Monday!!!
  • Music Man has finally pulled itself together (yah!)
  • I’m looking forward to both the MM shows and Grease rehearsals tomorrow, however I’m not liking how little of a break we’re gonna get in between….
  • Tim’s Alice was really good, but not as good as i was expecting. It felt too “Disney censored”. But it was a great movie from start to finish. It just felt like something was missing.
  • “Dance Magic” and “The Ballerina Project” books are so pretty. Makes me REALLY want to do a photoshoot. Spring break?
  • Planning the WOZ promo shoot is fun. Trying to pick a location.
  • I see the stats on my blog everyday. i know a lot of you view my blog, but only a few people comment on posts : (
  • I get butterflies when he kisses the back of my head.
  • I should finish making my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days list. right now its only a list of 50!
  • I can’t wait to wear all my Frenchie wigs in Grease! I know Kevin wants me in a different one every time i come on.
  • Rockette auditions April 29th. Guess who’s pumped?!
  • Kenzie was the one of the only person that tolerated my “what’s clicken chicken?” everyone else thinks its weird.
  • Kelly Myernick likes my photos. Cool!
  • SPRING BREAK+Kevin Cahoon= a very happy me
  • You should come see Music Man. Here are the deets:

In the Oliver Theatre @ RAFA.

6th, 7th, 13th and 14th- 2pm. 6th and 13th- 7:30pm.

Tix $10.


  • Have a happy weekend!


RDA pieces

I’m so happy to announce that my piece will be performing at Emerging Night at RDA, closing the 2nd Act. I’m so proud of my dancers who looked amazing and I can’t wait for us to perform it again!

photo by mike gladu

Travis’ piece was also picked for Emerging and Luis’ was picked for Gala.

Not only am i particularly excited about all the classes and shows this year, but Richard Calmes (my favorite photographer) will be shooting RDASW again this year!!!!!


New Favorite Dance Photographer

In addition to Richard Calmes, I have found another new favorite dance photographer: Kyle Froman.

Kyle was a corps de ballet member of NYCB and began taking pics of his friends backstage and from the wings as a hobby. He’s now a proffesional photographer and I absolutly ADORE his work!

Check out his website, www.kylefromanphotography.com

Love and Laducas,


New Richard Calmes Album

I fist became aware of Richard Calmes when I met him at RDA this year before Gala night side stage. He was the photographer of the event and talked to my sister and I and was very nice. I later viewed his photograhy of the event and his other albums and found myself completly inspired. I fell completly in love with his work, especially his outdoor photography. It was those albums that got me inspired to do sites specific dance photography. His work constantly gives me ideas and inspiration and I would definatly recomend checking out his website. Here’s my favorite pic from his newest album, Downtown Dancers:

Richard Calmes Photography

So check his site out. You won’t be sorry!