Things I’m Thinking: Airplane Edition

At this very moment I’m over 10,000 feet in the air on my way to the happiest place on earth. Blogging on a plane- doesn’t get much cooler than that!

-So far I’m digging my Delta experience. Even though I had to pay for the internet, it is totally worth it in my opinion. Seats are very comfortable. Plus the fact that I have the whole row to myself is a major plus. (After my flight yesterday on Continental, I almost did a blog post on proper airplane etiquette. I had the most annoying woman next to me… but I’ll spare you the details. All I’m gonna say is if the person next to you is watching a movie, do not continually interrupt them to tell them it’s raining outside! Rude!) And I’m digging the style of one of the flight attendants. She has long dark hair, straight bangs that cut just above her eyebrows, a fabulous red lip, and Ray Ban. Just looking at her I know we’d be good friends.  She complimented me on my hair. Yes, in my imaginary world, we are best friends. So flight #1 with Delta, you done good (so far!)

-I sited two very peculiar things at the airport (only two you ask?) The first was a woman, late 30’s early 40’s, wearing pink leggings, a pink mini skirt, and a pink top. I’m pretty sure the only time that outfit would be appropriate would be when it’s on 4 years old little girl. I also sited an old lady with… wait for it… GREEN hair! I’m not sure if it was a conscious hair decision or a result from a hair experimentation gone wrong, but it certainly was a sight.

-Hopefully I’ll get to see my Maxi Poo on my short trip to Orlando! So proud of him.

-The clouds are just absolutely stunning. In the words of fellow photographer, Michael E. Mason, how can someone look at the sky and not believe in God?

-If I could have my mom, my bed, and RAFA in NY, I would never leave.

-MUST SEE NEWSIES AT PAPERMILL! Check out the Behind the Scene’s fabulousness when they were on the View (which I missed somehow…?) Shot by the ever so talented Andrew Keenan-Bolger.

-One day before I die, I will fly first class.

-I must get out of biting my lip. Chapstick all day long isn’t going to help it. Must stop.

-I have a tumblr. Never use it. What’s the point when I already have a blog?

-When I was a younger I was a very avid journal keeper but stopped a few years ago. About a month back, I bought a journal from Barnes and Nobles, but it’s not your ordinary journal. It’s a Q&A journal- 365 questions for 5 years. Every day of the year gets a page with a question on it. There are 5 little paragraphs of lines so for that same day every year for five years you answer the same question. Today’s question is (ironically) “When was the last time you went dancing?” Last time I “went dancing” was on Thursday, I was in with Xavier for all his tap classes that day at RAFA. Being there makes me remember how much I love those kids and love teaching. Maybe I’ll post more of the Q&A journal as the years go on!

-It’s almost October. Once we get to this time of year things fly like crazy. I’ll blink and next thing I know it’ll be Christmas!

-Gotta go now! I have a date with Mickey Mouse (an no I’m not referring to Dana Lizik)



I am currently…

…being really lazy. And it feels great.

…looking forward to going home to Houston. Ok, I said it! Fam, friends, Tokyo Bowl, dogs, Rafa… need I say more?

…enjoying spending time with my bestie here in the city.

…prepping to make my move to the heights!

…really missing my RCMH fam. It’s been a week…

…in need of groceries.

…staring at the window. More snow!

…a bookworm. I’m reading so much these days and love it!

…in denial that it’s 2011.

…listening to Jonathan Reid Gealt’s “Quiet” by Natalie Weiss. Buy it! Incredible song. Jonathan is such a talented song writer and Natalie Weiss is just a stunning songstress.

…enjoying my last month of Netflix.

…getting ready to do some major cleaning in my apartment.

…wishing my entire wardrobe was 1930’s-1950’s clothing.

…wondering what 2011 is going to bring.

Dancing in the Rain

When I say that I live at RAFA, I mean it. the other day I was there till 1:30am. “Why?” you may ask. I was there to help participate in the try out version of the rain that will be seen in Studio A for RAFA’s production of Singin in the Rain. Even though it took forever we made it work. And let me tell you, it was magical!! I truly cannot wait for people to see it. So with that being said, come see Singin in the Rain. We open Thursday, July 29th and run through Sunday, August 1st. We also have a second weekend of shows from Friday, August 6th through Sunday, August 8th. Here are the dates and times for each show:

July 29th, 30th, & 31st, August 6th &  7th at 7:30PM

July 31st, August 1st, 7th & 8th at 2PM .

Performances will take place at The Oliver Theatre located in RAFA – at 17170 Mill Forest Road Webster, TX 77598.  General admission tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased by calling 281-480-1466.

I promise you won’t want to miss it!


It’s Choreography Exhibition Time!

I started out doing Choreography Projects in 2000 when I was 9 years old. For my 10th and final piece I wanted to do something a bit different than I usually do. My piece was entitled, “The Next Step.” It was a very stressful dance to choreograph just because it was something I’ve never done before and I doubted every step I made. Looking at it now, I’m so proud of it. I know its not my best but I took a chance and did something new and it didn’t turn out so bad. The entire rehearsal time Max kept telling me it looks fine, don’t worry about it… He was right… this time!

In the past Max has choreographed with other people for his choreography projects, but this year was the first piece he did entirely on his own. The piece in my opinion (and I’m not just saying this because I’m his girlfriend) was the best at the exhibition. He showed his creativity, love of dance, and everyone watching and dancing had so much fun. Here’s Max Isaacson’s, “Dancing Along.”



Concert is tomorrow!!!

Please try to come to, “A Song for Makenzie”, tomorrow night. We had a rehearsal for it last night and it was wonderful. It made me so excited for everyone to see it! The deets are:

Where: Royal Academy of Fine Arts’s Oliver Theatre, 17170 mill Forest Rd., Webster, Tx, 77598

When: This Saturday (tomorrow), March 27th at 7pm

All the money from the night will go towards the Makenzie Rebekah Scholarship with the Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre.

Please come!

Opening Night… yikes

So tonights the night. My debut on Broadway is finally here… lol ya right! Actually the opening of RAFA’s Footloose is tonight. Just to warn you if you see me tonight I look like a flippin pirate. Just don’t look at me and enjoy what should be a good show. Kevin has done a wonderful job with the show of 45 children and I’m very excited for our run to get started. View the information below. Hope to see you at the RAFA studios this weekend or the next.



Love CC (Jason too!)

And now I gotta cut loose


Yesterday I started rehearsals for Footloose, Rafa’s Summer Broadway Studio Work Shop. Kevin Cahoon is directing and I’m assisting him with the choreography. During rehearsal yesterday I watched the read/sing-through the show. I was very impressed the work they had done and it got me super stoked. The music is great dance music. I know it’ll be so fun to choreograph to. Today we worked on the opening scene. Kevin’s ideas are brilliant and I love love love being in the studio with him. His experience and fun attitude makes everyone want to work with him. And just let me say, I have NEVER met a more patient man. He has the patience of Job, by golly.

My bestie, Jason, who plays the leading role of Ren in the show, told me he’s probably gonna start vlogging the show so keep a look out at his blog and youtube channel : )