I leave tomorrow for RDA (Regional Dance America), a dance convention for regional ballet companies where we have classes during the day and performances at night. I’ve been going for 6 years and this will be my last year!

I’ve made so many great memories at RDA and I’m so excited for this year. I’ve got some great roomies to hang with, accomplished teachers to take from, fabulous dances to perform, beautiful dresses to wear, and some amazing opportunities. Wohoo!

This is a pic of Kenz and I from Showcase night at RDA last year. Its gonna be weird not sitting next to her this year…

I’ll be back on Monday!



RDA pieces

I’m so happy to announce that my piece will be performing at Emerging Night at RDA, closing the 2nd Act. I’m so proud of my dancers who looked amazing and I can’t wait for us to perform it again!

photo by mike gladu

Travis’ piece was also picked for Emerging and Luis’ was picked for Gala.

Not only am i particularly excited about all the classes and shows this year, but Richard Calmes (my favorite photographer) will be shooting RDASW again this year!!!!!