She’s Still Got It

Yesterday morning i took some pictures of my beautiful friend, Abby. We had so much fun and I love what we came up with. What I love about abby when taking photos, besides that she’s just beautiful, is that she’s filled with creativity and she knows what things I look for in a photo. We make  a good team. Here are 4 of my faves! Happy Sunday!

RDA Part 1: Calmes

A few weeks ago, I emailed Richard Calmes, the RDASW photographer. I’ve blogged about him before and as most of you know I’m a big fan of his work. He was very sweet in his reply to my email and I was ecstatic when he asked if me and a few friends wanted to do a photoshoot with him the day before festival started. We were all so excited!! So Wednesday afternoon, Dev, Cara, Heather, Travis, Aaron, Max and myself went to a few different locations in San Antonio and got some beautiful shots. Meeting Richard and his wife, Holley was the absolute highlight of my trip.

Highlights Part 2

Car Photoshoot

While The Hursts were here, one day we all went over to Aunt Nikki’s place for breakfast and to play fun games on her Wii. In the car to and from there, what else do you think I’d do with my two adorable niece and a brand new lens? A car photoshoot, of course!

Here’s Avery Elizabeth:

Avery is adorable. Everyone in my family will agree that she’s practically like me when I was that little. She always putting on a show. She’s singing, dancing, and acting for anyone in the room. I love her toothy grin and silly laugh.

Here’s Emmaline Ruth:

Emma is just so sweet. She’s currently working on walking and I’m so glad I got to see her take her first step while she was here for Christmas. I love her babbling and pretty eyes.

Cara and Abby photos recently

Did two shoots with my dear friends Cara and Abby. I’ve photographed them before but it was just when I was starting my photography craze a few months ago. Since then I’ve learned so much more and I wanted to use what I’ve learned and photograph them again. If you’re on facebook you’ve seen the rest of ’em. Aren’t they just the most beautiful friends a girl could ask for?!

 Love you ladies :))))