June Playlist 2011

I love Music! I had so many other songs for this month but narrowed it down to these. Ryan called me out for only listen to chick music. I disagree! Though I do listening to plenty of chick music and adore it, I do listen to my fair share of other kinds of music. I try to like a little bit of everything!

-“What a Difference A Day Makes” by Dinah Washington has such a classy sound and its my current favorite shower song.

-Everyone needs a little Sondheim in their month, wouldn’t you say? Therefor, I have “It Takes Two” from Into the Woods.

-Cara showed me “The Road” and its one of the most beautiful 3:42 secs.

-That opening beat in “Everybody Knows” just makes me feel so powerful. Elizabeth & the Catapult are just brills.

-“Vie En Rose” for Paris. Naturally. And by Pompla… I mean c’mon!

-Since I’m getting ready for Urban Cowboy, I thought it’d be appropriate if I started integrating some Country music in my life. Scary as that seemed, it actually not too bad. Ashley introduced me to Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s “Complicated” and lemme tell you… I like it! Ok Summer of ’11, show me your best country music. I’m all ears!!

-I found Beth Rowley when I was looking at the “An Education” soundtrack (And if you haven’t seen this movie, you must!). She’s fantastic, such a nice traditional jazz sound and so very unique. I sing “Sunday Kind of Love” every single day. It’s the ultimate jazz love song to me.

What are you listening, humming, and rocking out to?


Paris Part Deux: The Food

Food, Glorious Food.

We ate SO much food. Best food of my life.

I first tried escargot on a dare and loved it. I love it even more now. Don’t be afraid to try it!

I loved that all of the restaurants served their water from old wine bottles. Added such an elegant touch!

One thing’s for sure, those Parisians certainly know how to do chocolate! Everything chocolate we at was absolutely amazing!!!! I’d go back JUST for the chocolate.

And the chocolate cake from room service? Best chocolate cake I’ve ever had.

Breakfast at Angelina’s was certainly one of my favorites. If ever in Paris you MUST get their hot chocolate. It’s like drinking chocolate soup. The richest, thickest hot chocolate. To die for!

Another note worthy comment about French eating is their portion sizes. They’re much more reasonably sized. I don’t think I ever not finished a meal. No wonder you don’t see any obese Parisians! And even though they have fast food restaurants like Subway and McDonalds, who wants to eat there when EVERY other restaurant serves fabulous french cuisine?!

Another favorite of ours were Macaroons. I don’t think we actually got a picture of the ones we ate because they were just so irresistible we would eat them right away! From what I hear, macaroons are just starting to become popular here in the states and for that I say, “Hallelujah!”

Also, I’m now obsessed with toast and goat cheese. Delish!!

 Well, we ate escargot, frog legs, duck, rabbit, cheeses, french onion soup, creme brulee, and everything chocolate.

C’est Magnifique!


Paris Part Un: Scenic Element

All you have to do is walk down a street in Paris, and you’re in love with the city.  I love going somewhere new and feeling it’s energy. As you walk along the cobblestone roads (which have no lanes!) you feel a sense of serenity. Unlike New York, no one is in her a hurry in Paris. You can’t help but realize how beautiful life is when everything slows down a bit.

There’s so much history in this city. I’m so glad we got to see all of the historic landmarks like the Arc de Triophe, Notre Dame, and the Lourve.

So I’ve never really been a tourist before, (my last vacation was Disney World at age 12), and I despise midtown tourists, so being one was quite the experience. I now have a completely different take on tourists. The frustrations of not knowing a language of the place that one is in is so embarrassing. Plus we got looked at you as if they were saying, “Oh, those stupid Americans!” We looked especially touristy whipping our maps out in the middle of streets. I have to say though, I was quite proud of myself though. My sense of direction has improved leaps and bounds and I credit it to living in NY. Living there gives you some kind of internal compass. And the streets in Paris… they make no sense! It’s a like a giant Greenwich Village! When you think you’re walking north to south your actually walking on a curve… It can get very confusing. But surprisingly, it was loads of fun getting lost. We found so many amazing places that we would’ve never found had we gone the right way.

Observing the seine.

At the Lourve.

And of course we saw the Eiffel Tower!!

View from beneath.

Then we went back to see it in the daytime!

From the streets to the palaces to the gardens… Paris, you are gorgeous!


C’est La Vie

Nikki and I had a fantastic time in Paris. Saw all the great, historic landmarks, ate A LOT of amazing food, and observed everyone’s couture fashion.

Since there’s a lot to say about the city of lights, I will be doing my blogging in parts, breaking everything down.

As much as I loved Paris, I’m very happy to be back in the States, where everyone speaks English!


Things I’m Thinking

-i love the above. found via google.

-beth rowely is my new favorite jazz singer. can’t. get. enough.

-the only thing i miss about my long hair is when i would put it up in a high sloppy bun. gosh i miss that look.

-yah! the world didn’t end!

-i have and always will be madly in love with a black and white checkered marble floor.

-castle season finale. gasp. fringe season finale. gasp. nearing the end of the final season of 3rd rock on netflix. tear.

-is there anyone that likes auditioning???

-wild target with emily blunt. how come i just now saw it? can i please have all of her outfits?!

-there are so many people in this city. it hurts my head just thinkin about it.

-i love my sisters.

-paris!!!! you are so soon. i can’t wait!

-i need a job. i want to go shopping.

-if you’re a theatre person and you’re on twitter, please follow @BFAproblems. they will make your day time and time again.

-wow, I can get a lot of blogging done when I’ve twisted my ankle and have nothing else to do but sit in bed for three days.

Home Stretch

In my final week at home in Houston, I’ve been keeping myself very busy with getting myself as vocally and physically prepared as I can be for heading back to audition territory in NY. With vocalizing, P90X, running, taking class, and voice lessons, I haven’t even touched my computer the last 4 days! No facebook, blogging, itunes… nothin!

And though I’ve missed my computer time I’ve realized how much I can get done in a day without it!

Things I enjoy doing in place of computer time:

-Instagram, iPhone Camera app, get it and follow me. I’ll follow you!

-Doodle Jump, iPhone game, so addicting!

-making smoothies

-reading, currently  Twyla Tharp’s The Collaborative Habit

-planning my trip to Paris (more on this soon!!!!)

-More 3rd Rock from the Sun of course.

I realize the first two of these include my phone, which can be as bad as a computer sometimes… but that’s besides the point! I got off the computer at least!

Anywho… I’m back on the computer but I’m controlling my time frame now. I’ve learned my lesson, and that is; the computer can be useful but can easily let you waste your day away. (That may be obvious… but hey, I’m not always the brightest bulb.)

So tonight Ashley and I will be staying up to watch the Royal Wedding. Yes we’re lame, but what can we say? We’re just mad for a hyped up wedding! Honestly the only reason I’m watching is for the dress. Anyone else?

Lots of ramblings I know! Happy Thursday y’all.