Where troubles melt like lemon drops…

Tonight I had a breakdown.

It doesn’t really matter what it was about. I called Maggie and Max and talked it over with my mom and felt a little better about it. I know there was just one other person I wanted to talk to… my dear Kenzster. Every day I miss her more.

Than I watched this video again… Seeing her clothes… Hearing her sing one of the songs that was so special to us… I all the sudden was calm. She continues to comfort me. I love and miss her so.

what a special gift that quilt must be for the stockers. i love them so much.


And the winner is…


Thanks to everyone who participated in the series. Its been a lot of fun for me to listen to this incredible song. Tell me… how many songs can be done by such a wide variety of age groups, in so many different styles, and in so many different eras and STILL sound amazing no matter what? It is a truly beautiful song and I’m glad everyone shared there favorites with me!

Judy was such a talent and I find her so awe-inspiring. She was a true class act and certainly the greatest STAR to have ever graced the earth.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff commin to the blog. I’m gettin together with some friends to record an awesome music video soon. I’m gearing up for my NY trip at the end of the month. I have a show commin up next week…

Love, CC

Over the Rainbow #10- Her Swan Song

To conclude my OTR series, I knew I just had to finish it off with Ms. Judy Garland herself. Judy, to many people, owns this song. Her voice fits the music like a hand fits a glove. Instead of using the movie version I decided to use one that was done at her very last concert in 1969, 2 months before her death. Judy was a blessing to this entertainment industry and thank gooodness they casted her as Dorothy and not Shirley Temple!

Singing her signature tune for the last time, Ms. Judy Garland! 

RIP Judy. I’m glad you’re over the rainbow now. I hope its lovely there.


P.S. Tomorrow the poll will be up for you to vote on your favorite of my top ten favorites. I’ll keep it open for 3 days so make sure you get your opinion in!

Over the Rainbow #9- Talk about Campy

Since I’m nearing the end of my Over the Rainbow series I was having a hard time deciding which versions to put up. I finally decided on a very bold choice for Day 9. Patti LaBelle is a very well known R&B and Soul Singer from the 70’s and 80’s. There are many different recordings of her sings OTR and they all are SO different. You can look them up if you are really curious for a fun vid or two. I ended up choosing a version she did in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Her high range and crazy riffs may come as a shock to you and you may find this way too bizarre but, I personally love the campiness and extreme talent that this woman has. Not many people can sing the way she does!

Here’s Patti LaBelle’s rifftastic verson of Over the Rainbow:

Wow. Just Wow!


Over the Rainbow #8- She should’ve won

5th season of American Idol. It comes down to Kat Mcphee and Taylor Hicks. It looked obvoius that my favrite, Kat, would win. Taylor won. America got it wrong. It wouldn’t be the last time either…

So one of the highlights of that season was Katherine’s take on Eva Cassidy’s version of OTR.  It was beautiful but I hesitated putting it on my blog because it was very much the same as Eva’s.  But then I found this version (below). It looks like it was for some Christmas Child Adoption Event. It is WAY better than her performance on AI. Filled with lots of riffs and emotion, it shows what a true artist she has become.

Here she is, Miss Katherine McPhee!

Who’s your favorite American Idol runner up?


Over the Rainbow #7- My favorite Barbershop Quartet

Ever since I saw The Music Man when I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by barbershop quartets. I love the blend of harmonies and almost cartoonish feel of the style. So me and my homie Max are huge Scrubs fans and love Ted’s Band in the show. In real life Ted’s Band is actually called The Blanks. One episode a few seasons back was Wizard of Oz themed and the final 2 mins closed with Ted’s Band singing OTR. Their version is based on Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole’s version. (Israel’s version is a lot of people’s favorite, and though I do enjoy it it did not make my top ten faves.)

So here singing Over the Rainbow, Ted’s Band (aka The Blanks):

That makes me smile 🙂


Over the Rainbow #5- I’m a sucker for some good harmonies…

I was recently introduced to this group of singers, Celtic Woman, by my fabulous friend and choreographer, Cara Shanks when she staged a piece to the song Ave Maria. I was looking up fun versions of OTR and ran across Celtic Woman’s version and was immediatly enchanted. The blend of their harmonies is so smooth and I’m obsessed with how angelic their style is. It might not be your cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoy it. My favorite part starts at 2:00 where you think they’re about to start a round (in music terms that means one person starts to sing and then a measure later the other person begins) but then they go back to harmonizing. It’s beautiful!!!

I sure hope you like it. Itunes them too 🙂

Love, CC

Over the Rainbow #5- Voice of Gold

If gold could sing it would sound like Audra McDonald. I was thrilled when I heard OTR sung by Ms. McDonald who is without a doubt in my mind one of the greatest living performers. I had the oppertunity to meet her after I saw her in the revival of 110 in the shade and she’s extremly gracious and kind. Her sweet spirit shows in every song she sings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 4 time Tony award winning Audra McDonald! Isn’t she just beautiful?!

Later, CC

Over the Rainbow #4- Ukuleles make things sound so cute!

Day 4 of the OTR series features the talent of the very lovely Ingrid Michaelson. I first became a fan of her when I heard her song, “Way I am”, in a commercial a year or two ago and followed her music ever since. Here on my blog I featured a beautiful clip of some Julliard dancers performing to Ingrid’s “Die Alone”. I love her OTR! Its just the sweetest mix of joy and sadness. The sound of her ukulele  makes me grin from ear to ear.

Hope you love it like I do… So what did you think of Miss Ingrid?

Totes, CC