Things I’m Thinking

-i love the above. found via google.

-beth rowely is my new favorite jazz singer. can’t. get. enough.

-the only thing i miss about my long hair is when i would put it up in a high sloppy bun. gosh i miss that look.

-yah! the world didn’t end!

-i have and always will be madly in love with a black and white checkered marble floor.

-castle season finale. gasp. fringe season finale. gasp. nearing the end of the final season of 3rd rock on netflix. tear.

-is there anyone that likes auditioning???

-wild target with emily blunt. how come i just now saw it? can i please have all of her outfits?!

-there are so many people in this city. it hurts my head just thinkin about it.

-i love my sisters.

-paris!!!! you are so soon. i can’t wait!

-i need a job. i want to go shopping.

-if you’re a theatre person and you’re on twitter, please follow @BFAproblems. they will make your day time and time again.

-wow, I can get a lot of blogging done when I’ve twisted my ankle and have nothing else to do but sit in bed for three days.


Home Stretch

In my final week at home in Houston, I’ve been keeping myself very busy with getting myself as vocally and physically prepared as I can be for heading back to audition territory in NY. With vocalizing, P90X, running, taking class, and voice lessons, I haven’t even touched my computer the last 4 days! No facebook, blogging, itunes… nothin!

And though I’ve missed my computer time I’ve realized how much I can get done in a day without it!

Things I enjoy doing in place of computer time:

-Instagram, iPhone Camera app, get it and follow me. I’ll follow you!

-Doodle Jump, iPhone game, so addicting!

-making smoothies

-reading, currently  Twyla Tharp’s The Collaborative Habit

-planning my trip to Paris (more on this soon!!!!)

-More 3rd Rock from the Sun of course.

I realize the first two of these include my phone, which can be as bad as a computer sometimes… but that’s besides the point! I got off the computer at least!

Anywho… I’m back on the computer but I’m controlling my time frame now. I’ve learned my lesson, and that is; the computer can be useful but can easily let you waste your day away. (That may be obvious… but hey, I’m not always the brightest bulb.)

So tonight Ashley and I will be staying up to watch the Royal Wedding. Yes we’re lame, but what can we say? We’re just mad for a hyped up wedding! Honestly the only reason I’m watching is for the dress. Anyone else?

Lots of ramblings I know! Happy Thursday y’all.


Favorite Images from 2010

from personal photos to my photoshoots, here are my favorite photos from last year.

There are so many more images that I love from this past year, but of course I couldn’t put them all up. Can’t wait to see all the images that are created out of 2011.

I’m not one to blog about my love life…

… but I felt prompted to today. Everyone asks me if I’ve met anyone while I’ve been in NY. Not really. Seeing as the only guys I see are at work and most of them bat for the opposite team, I really haven’t met many straight men (remotely close to my age as well.)

So on nights like these where I wish I was on a cute Manhatten dinner date, I’m actually sitting at home eating oreos and watching White Christmas. This happens a lot, but a different musical/romantic comedy. I watch all these dreamy guys on screen and I think about what my dream man is… K, here’s my top 10.

10. Danny Kaye 

9. a straight version of Cheyenne Jackson

8. Jimmy

7. Jeffery Denman

6. Noah

5. Donald O’Connor

4. Gilbert

3. Fred Astaire

2. Mr. Darcy 

1. Gene Kelly

I realize that I’m in love with fictional characters and men that I’ve only see play fictional characters, but until Mr. Right comes along, these men will just have to do.


p.s. sorry im not much of a blogger these day. work keeps me very busy and i’m about to have a butt load of visitors for the holidays! so my blogging will probably be less frequent for the rest of the month. merry christmas and happy holidays!

Things I’m Thinking

-Have I really been here for 3 weeks? Sometimes it seems like longer but than it seems just like yesterday I was at the airport saying goodbye to Mom and Ashley.

-photoshoots. I wish I had more time to do them. I love how beautiful this city is.

-netflix is so worth the $9 a month

-just received my red coat from anthro. can’t wait to sport it out on the streets when it gets cold!

-I really can’t wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters and Castle. Love those shows!

-My sunglasses are starting to chip. I miss my Raybans… RIP subway glasses…

-I really need a frying pan.

-I love that ever since I bought my rain boots, its rained once.

-If I get married in NY, I want to have my reception on a rooftop. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

-So looking forward to Sunday when I get to dress up in normal clothes.

-Being an adult and living on your own has its perks.

-Root Bear floats with chocolate ice cream are so good.

-I can’t wait to see my family and friends that are coming to visit me here in NYC!

My Summer in Photos

Here’s a review of my summer!

I always consider the start of summer as June 1st.  Two days later was the one anniversary of the day that changed my life.

(photo credit: rebecca gladu)

A few days later we were in Gtown for RAFA’s WOZ. It was such a great experience to be in the show and to be on the artistic and technical side of the show. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned and the people that I’ve met doing this production.

On the 16th of June, Max turned 16 and I gave him a fun scavenger hunt to find all his gifts.

Two days later we were off for the big apple!!

I attended the Rockette Intensive for my 3rd time and had an absolute blast. It was a truly a memorable experience and how special it was to find out that I was a Rockette in front of all the parents and students. I will never forget it.

Came home on the 4th of July to an excellent dinner with the fam.

Next day we celebrated Nikki‘s birthday!

Then started Singin in the Rain rehearsals!

Here’s what happened during the rehearsal process…

I went and took pictures of United Player’s production of Children of Eden.

I also got to see Miller’s production of Little Shop with a bunch of RAFA peeps! Jackery Delackery was the best ensemble kid ever!!

My sister Ashlyn, her husband, and my beautiful nieces came for a long visit. Here are some pictures from their stay (including a surprise birthday party for Ash!)

So as my summer comes to an end, I’m preparing for a number of things. Moving to New york, finding an apartment, minor eyelid surgery, and getting in shape for upcoming rehearsals… I’m so excited for these next few months. A little scared and nervous but so excited.

Hope your summer was a lovely one and that you’re pumped for this fall and winter season!