October Playlist 2011

Highlights from this month:

-My absolute favorite song to walk down the street to in New York is “Don’t Stop the Music.” It’s perfect strut music!

-“I’m Wishing/One Song”  is a song from the show, Disney’s On the Record. The album is no longer for sale but if you can get your hands on a copy, do it, especially if you’re a Disney fan. The arrangements of all the songs are so much fun and this song in particular is absolutely beautiful.

-I’ve been listening to the White Christmas recording multiple times a day and getting so excited for rehearsals! “Blue Skies” has always been a favorite of mine.

-Once again, Slow Club has made this month’s list! “When I Go.” is such a sweet song.

-Recently found the gorgeous bass voice of Josh Turner and can’t help but melt a little everytime I hear him sing, “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

-“The Girl” by City And Colour. Beautiful. Fun. Can’t stop listening to it.

-I’ve had Micky Green’s album for a long while now, but for some reason never listened to all of it. “Now it’s Gone,” is written perfectly and it makes me feel relaxed and at peace with life.

It’s been a great month and it’s not even over! I’m back in Houston for a bit before rehearsals begin and spending time with my family and the studio. Confession… I’ve started listening to some Christmas music… I know! But only just a little bit!


September Playlist 2011


-“Oh What A Day” by Ingrid Michaelson was a song I got a while back but never really listened to. At the beginning of this month I had a particularly hard week emotionally. Then I went to my first Deb Roshe class and felt reborn! I left Steps sweating from head to toe and feeling better then I’ve ever felt. It was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. So instead of bolting down the street to the subway, I decided to stroll down Broadway. Now strolling is not something a New Yorker will do, unless in Central Park. It was kind of nice to just walk down the street in no rush and just enjoy my surroundings. So back to the song… I put on my headphones and let my iPod just shuffle away and “Oh What A Day” was the very first song. The lyrics couldn’t have come at a more truer time. I will always remember that moment. Everything seemed just as it should.

-Now I came across “Pull Shapes” watching the What the Buck show years ago and recently came across it again. Perfect silly dance song!

-Ernie Halter gets me every time! “This Beautiful Ache” is hauntingly gorgeous.

-How did I not know “Free Your Mind” before my first Deb Roshe class???

-“In These Shoes.” One day I will do a piece to this! Sass E!

-Ben Rector is the only artist I can say that I’ve bought every album he’s ever written for. His newest album, Something Like This, just came out and “Home” was my instant favorite. Ben never fails me!

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a tender and callow fellow.
Try to remember, and if you remember,
Then follow.


August Playlist 2011

If music be the food of love, play on.

-William Shakespeare


-“Back to Manhattan” by Norah Jones was the absolute perfect song for me as I came back to the city this month.

-Found Slow Club this month and prety much downloaded everything they’ve ever recorded. Such good music. “Dance Til the Morning Lights” and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” made this months list. It will NOT be the last time you see them on this here blog.

-Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” gets stuck in my head like crazy! Thank goodness I love it!

-Nat showed me “Kissable, Huggable, Loveable, Unbelievable” years ago, but now that I’m on my country music kick, I love it more than ever.

-The Puppini Sisters never do me wrong. Their rendition of “It Don’t Mean a Thing” always puts me in the best of moods. When the tempo slows down about mid way through the song you can’t help but swing along with them. Brilliant!

-Most songs are about relationships; relationships between two lovers, parent and child, friends… but have you ever heard a song from an uncle or aunts perspective to their niece or nephew? “Hank” by the amazing Ben Rector is exactly that. I love listening to this song and thinking about my sweet nieces and nephew and the love I have for them.

-Do you ever listen to songs that you’ve heard a thousand times and then you hear it one day and it has a completely new meaning to you? That’s how I am recently with Best for Last by Adele. Adele is one of those other amazing young writers of today that just get me!


July Playlist 2011

Tomorrow is August? Where is this year going???

July Playlist Highlights:

-Urban Cowboy has made me become a country music lover. Going into the show I knew only a few of the songs in the show, mostly because of performing in Preludes all those years. However, I knew “Could I Have This Dance” from the cover that Kevin Cahoon and the Ghetto cowboys did of it on their album. Brills.

-Recently gotten into the Black Keys. Their cover of Buddy Holly’s “Dearest” makes my heart happy.

-I love “You Understand Me” by Sam Cooke. It is quickly climbing my most played chart.

-The Dixie Chicks’s “Cowboy Take Me Away” was a song I got to sing back up for in Urban and will always have a special place in my heart.

-Laura Bell’s album Achin and Shankin is my current favorite album. I could put the entire album as my July Playlist. “Giddy On Up” was featured in the vid of my Urban friends Larry and Brooke in their attempt to practice a trick for Boot Scootin Boogie… see below…

I have a major case of post show depression… Miss the show and the cast and the music…. EVERYTHING!

Here’s to great music for August!



June Playlist 2011

I love Music! I had so many other songs for this month but narrowed it down to these. Ryan called me out for only listen to chick music. I disagree! Though I do listening to plenty of chick music and adore it, I do listen to my fair share of other kinds of music. I try to like a little bit of everything!

-“What a Difference A Day Makes” by Dinah Washington has such a classy sound and its my current favorite shower song.

-Everyone needs a little Sondheim in their month, wouldn’t you say? Therefor, I have “It Takes Two” from Into the Woods.

-Cara showed me “The Road” and its one of the most beautiful 3:42 secs.

-That opening beat in “Everybody Knows” just makes me feel so powerful. Elizabeth & the Catapult are just brills.

-“Vie En Rose” for Paris. Naturally. And by Pompla… I mean c’mon!

-Since I’m getting ready for Urban Cowboy, I thought it’d be appropriate if I started integrating some Country music in my life. Scary as that seemed, it actually not too bad. Ashley introduced me to Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s “Complicated” and lemme tell you… I like it! Ok Summer of ’11, show me your best country music. I’m all ears!!

-I found Beth Rowley when I was looking at the “An Education” soundtrack (And if you haven’t seen this movie, you must!). She’s fantastic, such a nice traditional jazz sound and so very unique. I sing “Sunday Kind of Love” every single day. It’s the ultimate jazz love song to me.

What are you listening, humming, and rocking out to?


May Playlist 2011

I’m just lovin this playlist. It’s all over the place. Michael Buble, Mika, Bette Midler, Les Mis, Cold War Kids… I guess I’m just random this month!


~Miss Otis Regrets is adorable! Dying to choreograph something to it.

-Ernie Halter is starting to receive the fame he deserves… Justin Beiber covered one of his songs. So happy for him and I’m so glad to say that I was listening to him before everyone else! Boy does he know how to melt my heart…

-The Profound Beauty of it All by Kerry Muzzey is a song I found for my dear, King Aaron’s choreography project. The song consists of my favorite instrumental combination, piano and violin. Just listening to it breaks my heart. It’s melody is so simplistic and gorgeous and I tear up every time I listen to it.

I hope you’re getting excited for the summer. I am!


April Playlist 2011

I know I’m a day late. But seriously?! Where did April go??


-Anything Forbidden Broadway… “Fiddler with no Jew” was the only one that made it on the playlist but I most definitely had some Forbidden playin this last month. I don’t know if it was because I was in the midst of Annie or not…

-“Kids” by MGMT makes a great sit up song.

-“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is quickly making itself onto my all time faves list.

-P&P is one of the most gorgeous film scores. I can’t decide if I like “Stars and Butterflies” because of the melody or the title itself. Both I guess.

-The Broadway Boys rock my socks! I love jammin out to “Maybe/Tomorrow.”

Here’s to some great music for May!


March Playlist 2011

Since this month is nearing its end, I thought it was about time to put up my March Playlist. It’s been a long, but good month so I had to have lots of music on this list to help me get through it. I’ve been in rehearsals with the Annie cast, gone to the fancy dancy screening of Mars Needs Moms and the dinner honoring Kevin afterwards, went up to NY to move into my new apartment as well as have a rehearsal with Crystal Chapman’s New York TheatreDance Ensemble, and  lots of photo shoots this month. Photos of all these things will appear on the blog at a later date.

So without further ado, I present to you my March Playlist.

My favorite new artists I’ve found recently are Jonathan Clay, Meaghan Smith, and Elizabeth & the Catapult. Also Adele’s new album is too amazing for words. GET IT!