Camera Drama

So when I was packing Sunday night, I failed to find the battery charger for my big camera. Sad. But mother dear said I could charge my battery with her charger that night so I could go to the city with a fully charged battery and then buy a new charger when I got into the city. On Monday morning when I left for the airport, I assumed Mom put my battery back in my camera and she assumed that I did it. Lesson to learn: never assume!

My battery should be arriving in my mailbox today and I couldn’t be more happy. Thanks for sending it mom!

Planning lots of photoshoots with some friends so stay tuned.

Pics to come soon.



I’ve been a horrible blogger since coming back to NY. Things have just been kind of hard. It’s a fun ordeal being an adult and making big decisions.

Well I forgot to blog about two very important events. On May 3rd, it was Makenzie’s 20th birthday. It feels like yesterday that we were having her black and white cocktail attire 18th birthday party at my house. I love her so much and she inspires me to live each day to the fullest. Hope you had a wonderful birthday in heaven, Kenzie dear.

¬†And then this last Sunday was Mother’s day. Though I wasn’t home with my mother, my thoughts were with her. She truly is supermom. Not only is she the perfect example of being a homemaker but she’s my best friend. I’m not always the best daughter but no matter what she’s there for me. The more I grow up the more I value her advice and wisdom. Her unconditional love means the world to me. Thank you mom for sticking with me every step of the way and always knowing just the right thing to say.


Opening Night!

Last night was our official opening night at Radio City and it was spectacular!

It was so awesome to have my mom and Kevin in the audience cheering me on.

I love the 301 Rockstars. We’re so awesome! Sharing a dressing room with them is the best!

I’m beyond excited to have the show up and running. I love my job and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a famous line of women!

(I’m second from the left on the second row!)



Invited Dress

Last night was our Invited Dress Rehearsal where we could invite family and friends to come see the show so that we could adjust to having an audience. It was so thrilling to look out and see an audience. I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this is real.”

I was so lucky to have Annie, Jason, Johanna, Eric, and Jennifer there supporting me. I love them so much!

One more final dress rehearsal tonight and then our first show is tomorrow!!!!

Mom and Nat are arriving today!