Lunching with the Stars

Here’s another New York story for you…

After Kev and I got done hanging out with Jesse at the Rachel Ray show, the two of us decided we were hungry for some lunch. Kevin picks up his phone to call some friends. Here’s how his phone conversation went… “Hey what are y’all doing? …Well I want to bring Caitlin by so you two can meet her… Oh well we wouldn’t want to interrupt your Glinda/Elphaba time… (this is where I REALLY started paying attention!) …Ok well we’ll be there in ten and if you guys want to do lunch or not that’s up to y’all… Ok, bye!”

As he hangs up, I see on his phone that it said “Kate Reinders.” Being the Broadway geek I am I knew that Kate Reinders is a former Glinda and other Bway credits including, Bernadette’s Gypsy, Good Vibrations, and the Into the Woods revival. So immediately I ask Kevin, “Who’s the Elphaba?! Who’s the Elphaba?!” Low and behold it is Ana Gasteyer. Ana is most known for her work on six seasons of SNL but has many other broadway and theatre credits.

And I got to have lunch with these three superstars. I had a ball listening to their theatre talk and gossip. The greatest realization that I had is that they’re just people. Every famous person in your eyes is just as normal as you are. They have family, friends, a personal life… they are normal. I’ve found that I don’t get as star struck as used to get when I first started meeting celebrities and broadway stars. Instead, I try to see them for their talent and humility.

Lunch with Ana, Kate, and Kev was at this adorable little British restaurant, Tea and Sympathy, in the Village. It was very homey and quaint and the food was delicious. I will always go back to that restaurant and remember the wonderful lunch I had with those three stars!

Kevin is the best…