Two of my lovelies had birthdays this weekend and I just want to wish them a belated birthday! Happy Late birthday Kostas and Cara!

And for today I wish a very happy birthday to my bro-in-law, Mike!



22 weeks till..


photo by me of kostas and travis last summer in NY

Things I’m looking forward to doing this summer while in NYC:

  • apartment searching
  • kickin my heels up in the radio city rockette intensive
  • hangin with my boy
  • taking pics of my lovely dancer friends around the city
  • seeing AS MANY broadway shows as I possibly can (and can afford!)

There’s a lot more things i’m looking forward to but those are the ones I’m currently thinking about!


My Real Home

“A bad day in New York City is still better than a good day anywhere else.”

Hello readers! Today’s topic is my real home, New York City. I decided to do a blog post about New York on Wednesday. Now King A, without my knowing also did a post about New York. We really are the same mind these days…

Ok, well during Wednesday Night Youth Activity (Mutual) at church, some of the leaders and girls were talking about colleges and future plans and stuff like that. The attention eventually turned to me and the question of “What schools are you applying to, Caitlin?” came up. I was ready for the obvious reaction from them as I said, “I’m not going to college.” They were all of course flabbergasted. Mind you, most of them did not know me very well. Some didn’t even know that I’m a performer. So I continued to explain my plan. Graduate. Move to NY. Auditions. Hopefully get Rockettes. Yada Yada Yada…

The topic of conversation than shifted to New York and their experiences there. Here are some of the following statements I heard, “New York is great to visit but its to smelly to live there.” “I visited their and after a day I wanted to go home.” “The subway is disgusting. I couldn’t stand it.” “Did you hear there are rats in the subway?” “I couldn’t see the sky!” “It’s not green enough there!” It broke my heart to hear those words. That was my home they were dissing!!! I naturally defending my loverly city.

I love everything about New York. I love walking in Central Park. I love looking up at all the skyscrapers. I love shopping in Chinatown and Soho. I love taking a taxi. I love fighting for a seat on the Subway. I love street performers and artists. I love Time Square. I love celebrity sightings. I love pretzels and hot dogs sold from street carts. I love how you can get anything you need at any time of the day. I love being able to walk to a Broadway Theatre. I love all the restaurants there. I love the business. I love Broadway Dance Center. I love the people there. I LOOOOVE New york Pizza. I love all the different cultures that thrive there. I love that people can go to New York to fufill their dreams. I’m moving there next fall for all these reason and many more.

I’ll leave you with images of me in New York. Wiggins can attest that I thrive in New York. As soon as I land in Laguardia, I’m home.


My Greek Love

Over the past year I’ve gotten to know the most amazing Greek Boy. I’ve watched him grow as a dancer and gotten to become a close and dear friend of his. I feel so honored to have spent time with this amazing individual.

He’s helped me overcome some many hard trials and made me smile like crazy.

We choreographed together for some amazing high school kids.

He taught me the basics for the Argentine Tango.

I got him addicted to the Cookies in Creme Candy Bar.

We loved to Swing Dance together (even if I tried to lead, hehehe).

He was an excellant model for my photoshoots.

I would always have him massage my sore muscles.

He learned how to play the Bo Bo Hand game.

We became the closest of friends…

I will miss you, Kostas. Have a wonderful time back home in Greece. I can’t wait to see you when you come back in November. SKYPE ME!




Things I’m Thinking

  1. I wish I could drive.
  2. Nutcracker auditions soon. Crazy!
  3. King Aaron gets back Saturday. Woot Woot! I’ve missed him.
  4. I wanna be Naomi Davis.
  5. Will PMHS ask me back for Millie? I’ll be seriously offended if they don’t…
  6. This is going to be one heck of a crazy year…
  7. Colin Hanlon is a SICK actor.
  8. I need a big brownish purse.
  9. Where is my modern Gene Nelson? or Donald O’Connor? Or Fred? Or Gene?
  10. Can’t find the 13 going on 30 disc… Eek…
  11. Six months till I’m 18. So scary. So cool. So unreal.
  12. More people need to tweet.
  13. My calves are seriously about to explode!
  14. Sometimes I wish people would just get the message so you wouldn’t have to spell it out for them.
  15. CDs to get: Next to Normal, 9 to 5, and West Side ORC.
  16. I’ve been to Mooyah 3 times in the past week and a half. Its that addicting.
  17. Kenzie would’ve liked Mooyah. 
  18. My thought are pretty random…
  19. I’m going to miss Kostas so much!!!!!!!!!
  20. Prediction: Shrek will close soon.
  21. I miss NY badly.
  22. So close and yet so far…
  23. Eric Hutchinson really needs to release a second album.
  24. Debating which Fred and Ginger movie I should watch tonight.
  25. I love lists.


NY pics part 1 (caution: my scary face ahead)

Since my face does not photograph well at the moment, I avoided many oppertunities to get my photo taken. However, their were a few coincidences where I let the situation slide. Some of the photos that were taken of me are in no way going to be on the Internet, for they are far too embarrasing. However there are a few that I wanted to share that are acceptable enough to make it on the blog.

Stephen Hanna, who plays the Older Billy in Billy Elliot, is a former principle with NYCB and good friend with my dear friend and teacher, Miss Carrie Lee Riggins. Carrie Lee arranged it with Steven to take my Mom and I backstage after the show. He was so nice (not to mention TALL) and it was a treat to watch him dance onstage!Stephen Hanna

My mom and I saw Chicago the same night Kostas and Travis did. We know cast member Michael Cusumano who was so sweet to take us backstage. Also in the cast was Grey’s Anatomy star and Houstonian, Chandra Wilson. We got to say hi to her when we went backstage. (I also have a pic of me with her but it didn’t make the cut for the blog pics.)Trav, Kostas, and Chandra

Onstage at The Ambassador Theatre where Chicago is playing. Future Roxie Hart? Possibly…Gun

I FINALLY got to meet Sutton Foster at the stage door of Shrek. She was so sweet and nice. And the coolest part is I’m her exact size. Same height. Same waist. Same legs. I could wear her costumes. Maybe her understudy one day? I hope so. Well, the picture I took with her is THE most embarrassing photo of me ever. I’m not just saying that. It is. Only few people have actually seen it. So here’s a photo of her seconds before she signed my playbill. What a glorious night!Sutton

I finished off my first role of Holga film today so hopefully I’ll get them developed real soon and have some interesting New York Part 2 photos.