Photos of Recent Days



“If you ever loose your mind, I’ll be kind”

Last night we had a lock-in up at dance hosted by SoCo. We played so many fun games, i can’t even begin to describe them all. I went crazy with the camera as I documented a very fun night. I highly recommend spending lots of time with your friends. It feels so good to laugh your head off, play stupid games, sing at the top of your lungs, and eat yummy food.

My lovely “Spongebob” team

It wouldn’t be a party without Aaron and Co. dancing Single Ladies

Kelsey showing us her talent in the talent show.


Playing, “Baby I love you but i just can’t smile” One of my personal favorites.

doesn’t max look very handsome in his grey fedora? it was his valentines gift.

spend time with your friends. your smile will thank you!


Smoothies with G

Met up with G the other day for smoothies at Bubble Island.

This girl rocks my socks.

She could be the next woman president if she wanted to.

But she’ll settle for being a fantastic Harvard graduate architect.

note: g and i were being headband models together. i was wearing olga by lovetaza and gina was wearing kelly-white by kedesigns. both stores are highly recommendable!

love always!


Rockin around the Scotto’s House

Last Saturday was BanB’s Annual Holiday Party! It was held at Alessandra’s Residence (which is gorgeous) and we had an absolute splendid time running around in our elf themed costumes.

We also found out who our Secret Santa’s were. Aaron and I had already figured out ours were Devin and Cara’s it was just a matter of who was who’s. We guessed correctly and I had Cara (kind of ironic seeing as i was her Secret Santa last year!) Shoelie was so excited by her last presents and I’m so happy I got to be her Secret Santa.

Thanks for a great party, Soco!

Kelly’s Bday Post and more…

Happy Birthday Kelly!

I’m so happy to have you as my kinda sorta cousin.

You make a beautiful model.

You make beautiful headbands.

And you have impeccable fashion sense!

Love you!Kelly bammin it

As I said previously, Kelly makes headbands and they are absolutely stunning. She’s now created her own business, KE Designs, and can purchase your very own KE headband!

Visit to view and purchase her lovely items.

Here’s G modeling “Kelly-white.”

G's KE headband

Thanks Kelly for your amazing talents. Love you, cousin dear!


p.s. Isn’t it funny that all my birthday posts happen around the same time?!

i hate copyright infringment

so yea. youtube is being really frustrating right now. all day ive been trying to upload my video from my Choreography Exhibition dance performed this morning. but they keep taking it down ’cause of the music’s copy right issues. not fair. im working on at least getting it up on the blog as well as cara’s “ave marie” piece. keep checking back to see new stuff.

till then enjoy this vid of Dana/Makenzie/Kelly’s (tee hee) choreography Project entitled, “The Fun Fun Fun Dance”. (somehow they didn’t get attacked by the crazy Youtube copyright people… Lucky). it is the silliest, sweetest, funnest, craziest, most brilliant easy dance ever and I love it!!!!! I love you guys šŸ™‚

love, CC

p.s. i just got back from the SOCO banquet/lock in. I took some photos but I CANNOT wait to share Madi Gladu’s. they areĀ flippin awesome. just like this.