The Blog’s Got a Make Over

Thanks to my fabulous tech guru of a friend, “Jeffy” Broussard, I have a wonderful new blog layout. I love it, don’t you? Its so much more spacious and light. The old one was so dark and tight, I thought it was time for a change. Thank you Jeffy!

There will be a few more little tweaks that we’re still working on that will come shortly but let me know what you think!

love and laducas,


My Summer in Photos

Here’s a review of my summer!

I always consider the start of summer as June 1st.  Two days later was the one anniversary of the day that changed my life.

(photo credit: rebecca gladu)

A few days later we were in Gtown for RAFA’s WOZ. It was such a great experience to be in the show and to be on the artistic and technical side of the show. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned and the people that I’ve met doing this production.

On the 16th of June, Max turned 16 and I gave him a fun scavenger hunt to find all his gifts.

Two days later we were off for the big apple!!

I attended the Rockette Intensive for my 3rd time and had an absolute blast. It was a truly a memorable experience and how special it was to find out that I was a Rockette in front of all the parents and students. I will never forget it.

Came home on the 4th of July to an excellent dinner with the fam.

Next day we celebrated Nikki‘s birthday!

Then started Singin in the Rain rehearsals!

Here’s what happened during the rehearsal process…

I went and took pictures of United Player’s production of Children of Eden.

I also got to see Miller’s production of Little Shop with a bunch of RAFA peeps! Jackery Delackery was the best ensemble kid ever!!

My sister Ashlyn, her husband, and my beautiful nieces came for a long visit. Here are some pictures from their stay (including a surprise birthday party for Ash!)

So as my summer comes to an end, I’m preparing for a number of things. Moving to New york, finding an apartment, minor eyelid surgery, and getting in shape for upcoming rehearsals… I’m so excited for these next few months. A little scared and nervous but so excited.

Hope your summer was a lovely one and that you’re pumped for this fall and winter season!


Its a Grand Night for Singing

Big thanks to everyone who helped make this such a special and successful night.

My fellow cast members are so amazing and I’m so proud to call you guys my friends. Thank you!

We had a great turnout and I was extremely happy with everything that night.

Kenzie- Your voice is beautiful. Your taste in music is excellent. Love you dear girl.


p.s. gonna try to get some clips of the show on youtube soon!

A Song for Makenzie

Everyone at BAHBT remembers Makenzie as the dainty ballerina but only a few of us got to hear sing. Her beautiful voice was one of the many talents that made her such a special girl. ‘A Song for Makenzie’ is our way of remembering her voice.

Join us for, “A Song for Makenzie”, a vocal concert of contemporary and classic music in memory of Makenzie Stocker. The songs for the evening are all ones that were loved by Makenzie and music that make us think of her. The performers are Jason Allen Broussard Jr., Caitlin Cannon, Sean Jackson, Kristin Massa, Anna Rigby, and Alex Segura. The performance will be held on Saturday, March 27th at 7:30 pm at the Royal Academy of Fine Art’s Oliver Theatre. All proceeds of the night will go to the Makenzie Rebekah Stocker Scholarship with the Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre. Tickets are $10. For information and tickets contact the BAHBT Office (281)-480-1617.

I really hope everyone can come. It’ll be a wonderful night for those who knew and loved Kenzie or those who just want to hear some great music.

Love you all,


Happy Halloween!

Yesterday for Halloween, Jason, my mom, and I saw the Mary Poppins tour at the Hobby Center. Jason finally got to meet AKB (I met him when I saw him in the Bee tour.) It was very exciting!


We also got to talk to another Michigan grad in the show, Justin Keyes. I also met Justin after I saw the tour of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and I love watching him perform. For Halloween he told us he was dressing up as a Glow Worm dressed as a Pirate. Genius, right?!

The pirate glow worm (aka justin keyes!)

So what did you do for Halloween?

Love, CC