Things I’m Thinking

-1 day till the Hursts are back!

-1 week till Max comes home!

-The rain in Studio A will NEVER get old.

-I’m loving my instant queue netflix.

-Why can’t they make movies like Cover Girl anymore? Rita Hayworth is just heavenly and Gene Kelly… my gosh… words cannot express his brilliance and charisma.

-Avery Ballard rocks my socks. I’m so proud of her in Singin in the Rain. She’s really stepping up to the plate and is gonna steal the show hands down.

-I have 4476 songs on my itunes. That’s 10 days worth of music. Crazy!

-I’m 15 albums away from 200 albums on facebook. I need to hit it into high gear with that album.

-After watching episode after episode of Cake Boss, I have a serious craving for cannolis.

-I love all my costumes for SITR. Thanks mommy!

-I love the fact that I get to see my best friend, Maggie, everyday. I love her!

-I want to stuff Ashley Van Pelt in my pocket and pull her out whenever I need her. She is my current favorite person.

-Come see Singin in the Rain!!!


Highlights Part 3

Leaves and Lanes

While the Hursts were here, Mike made a huge pile of leaves for the girls to play in. It made a very fun photo op!

Later that day, we joined Max and his mom for my first game of bowling. I must’ve had beginners luck because my final score kicked bootie with a whopping 148. Avery scored higher Max!

I love this pic because Max was “teaching” me how to bowl. After I got a turkey later, he asked me “What are you doing thats making you so good?” I told him, “I’m just doing what you taught me!”

Christmas Guests

I’m so looking forward to seeing the Hursts when they’re here for Christmas. My nieces are so stinkin cute (as you can view on my sisters blog, and have probably gotten so much cuter since I last saw them in July.

Looking forward to seeing you girls… oh and Mike too!

Ashlyn, Avery, and Emma with me and Aunt Natalie from their trip to Houston back in April. Avery must have not been very happy that day! But she’s still cute nonetheless!!