Things I’m Thinking

Things I’m Thinking

-Fried Egg Sandwiches are the best.

-I’m about to celebrate my one year anniversary of being a photographer.

-I’m not sure who will be more disappointed about Rockettes if I don’t get it; me or everyone else?

-Lately I’ve been wanting to go on a picnic.

-Travis’s yellow brick road design on my WOZ pictures is awesome. can’t wait to show it to everyone!

-It’s only been two weeks and I miss NY so much.

-Our intermediate school sisterhood reunion was so much fun. Its so nice to see that the four of us haven’t changed very much.

-Secrets are no fun to keep to yourself!

-I really need to get my holga film from last summer produced…

-I miss the grease gang. So many fun memories from our guest house hang outs!

-Is it sad that the main reason I want to go swimming is because I want to show off my Anthro bathing suits?

-Soco Slide show is gonna rrrroooocccckk!!!!!!!!

-Why have my blog stats gone down? Am I loosing some of you?



I can see it…

We’re in the midst of tech rehearsals for Grease right now. The process is VERY slow. We start. We stop. We start. We stop. People are getting injured. People are getting sick. We add in mics. We add in wigs. We fix spacing. We change this. We move that. Its a constant cycle of block, notes, wait. I watch the dances I’m not in and run and give notes from Kevin and I as we stop. Everyone mostly has all their costumes. The sets are all ready. Everything is SLOWLY coming together, quite nicely I might add.

Even though the tech process is much slower than many of us are used to and we’re all very tired, I am absolutely loving the experience. I feel like I’m in a professional theatre working with professional people. I can just see what 10 of 12s are going to be like. I can see what being an assistant choreographer is going to be like. I can just see what the real world is going to like. I’m in love with the theatre. It is what I was meant to do.

For most of my life I’ve mainly only performed musicals in our small studio setting. Performing on a big stage with mics, big sets, and a beyond incredible cast of performers is just a pure joy. Kevin is the reason for all of this brilliance.

Well I’ll leave you with this commercial clip I made for YouTube. BUY TICKETS!

Home and in full gear

We got off the bus at the studio yesterday at 1pm and then had to be back at the studio at 6pm for a Grease run thru. even though the overall energy in the run was low, I feel like we’re in pretty good shape.

So as for RDA, it was fun, stressful, exciting, tiring, nerve-racking, awesome, and all together a wonderful trip. It was nice to get out of Houston for a bit, even though I was soon ready to come back home. I’ll break the trip into parts for the next few blog posts.

Happy Monday!

I’m so excited for…

1) Getting my new jeans and bathing suit in the mail tomorrow!!!

2) RDA. RDA Roomies! RDA classes. Meeting Richard Calmes! RDA shows. Performing Travis, Luis, and my’s pieces. Dressing up pretty.

3) a very exciting photo shoot in San Antonio before RDA (details forthcoming)

4) Grease. We’ve almost finished staging the show and it looks great. Kevin has made the show so fresh and fun and we’re all having so much fun. Add costumes, wigs, lights, and an audience… OOH I CAN’T WAIT!

5) Rockette audition on the 29th of next month!

Spring Break

Well it hasn’t really felt like a “break” with rehearsals everyday for Grease. I’m not complaining though because working with Kevin is an absolute dream and my time with him is treasured! I did three photoshoots this week which was wonderful since it had been so long since i had done one. I had more planned actually but I hadn’t really been feeling well all week. Sore throat, low grade fever at night, glands were swollen… Finally went to the doctor yesterday and he diagnosed me with strep throat. i don’t like to use the word hate but i HATE strep throat. The antibiotics have helped but its excruciatingly painful to swallow. Hopefully this will go away soon… very soon…

Here are some of my favorite pics from my shoots with Kelsey and Kate this week.


“Sun’s gettin’ shinery, to spotlight the finery”


It’s officially spring in my mind and i’m so happy. here’s what Spring Break means to me:

~sundresses, flip flops, and green grass

~Grease rehearsals with Kev

~photoshoots with my favorite peeps

~maggie’s in town!!

~South Pacific tour to see new friend, Victor!

~start rehearsals for the vocal concert (details to be forthcoming) (oh and if you’re in the concert, you’ll be receiving information of the thurs. reh tomorrow via FB)

I’ll leave you with a few recent pics from my life recently. Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Come see Music Man in its last weekend! I will be playing Eulalie Makecknie Shinn!!!

Shows are Saturday at 2pm and 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm

Please come!