Things I’m Thinking: Airplane Edition

At this very moment I’m over 10,000 feet in the air on my way to the happiest place on earth. Blogging on a plane- doesn’t get much cooler than that!

-So far I’m digging my Delta experience. Even though I had to pay for the internet, it is totally worth it in my opinion. Seats are very comfortable. Plus the fact that I have the whole row to myself is a major plus. (After my flight yesterday on Continental, I almost did a blog post on proper airplane etiquette. I had the most annoying woman next to me… but I’ll spare you the details. All I’m gonna say is if the person next to you is watching a movie, do not continually interrupt them to tell them it’s raining outside! Rude!) And I’m digging the style of one of the flight attendants. She has long dark hair, straight bangs that cut just above her eyebrows, a fabulous red lip, and Ray Ban. Just looking at her I know we’d be good friends. ¬†She complimented me on my hair. Yes, in my imaginary world, we are best friends. So flight #1 with Delta, you done good (so far!)

-I sited two very peculiar things at the airport (only two you ask?) The first was a woman, late 30’s early 40’s, wearing pink leggings, a pink mini skirt, and a pink top. I’m pretty sure the only time that outfit would be appropriate would be when it’s on 4 years old little girl. I also sited an old lady with… wait for it… GREEN hair! I’m not sure if it was a conscious hair decision or a result from a hair experimentation gone wrong, but it certainly was a sight.

-Hopefully I’ll get to see my Maxi Poo on my short trip to Orlando! So proud of him.

-The clouds are just absolutely stunning. In the words of fellow photographer, Michael E. Mason, how can someone look at the sky and not believe in God?

-If I could have my mom, my bed, and RAFA in NY, I would never leave.

-MUST SEE NEWSIES AT PAPERMILL! Check out the Behind the Scene’s fabulousness when they were on the View (which I missed somehow…?) Shot by the ever so talented Andrew Keenan-Bolger.

-One day before I die, I will fly first class.

-I must get out of biting my lip. Chapstick all day long isn’t going to help it. Must stop.

-I have a tumblr. Never use it. What’s the point when I already have a blog?

-When I was a younger I was a very avid journal keeper but stopped a few years ago.¬†About a month back, I bought a journal from Barnes and Nobles, but it’s not your ordinary journal. It’s a Q&A journal- 365 questions for 5 years. Every day of the year gets a page with a question on it. There are 5 little paragraphs of lines so for that same day every year for five years you answer the same question. Today’s question is (ironically) “When was the last time you went dancing?” Last time I “went dancing” was on Thursday, I was in with Xavier for all his tap classes that day at RAFA. Being there makes me remember how much I love those kids and love teaching. Maybe I’ll post more of the Q&A journal as the years go on!

-It’s almost October. Once we get to this time of year things fly like crazy. I’ll blink and next thing I know it’ll be Christmas!

-Gotta go now! I have a date with Mickey Mouse (an no I’m not referring to Dana Lizik)



Happy Birthday Duckduckdana!

Today, February 6, is my good friend and birthday neighbor’s birthday, Dana!! She’s off having a magical time in Disney World where she is featured as that famous mouse herself. So proud of her and so glad she’s having a wonderful time. If you’re not following her blog already, I suggest you do.

Happy Birthday Daney Waney!

Miss you!


“If you ever loose your mind, I’ll be kind”

Last night we had a lock-in up at dance hosted by SoCo. We played so many fun games, i can’t even begin to describe them all. I went crazy with the camera as I documented a very fun night. I highly recommend spending lots of time with your friends. It feels so good to laugh your head off, play stupid games, sing at the top of your lungs, and eat yummy food.

My lovely “Spongebob” team

It wouldn’t be a party without Aaron and Co. dancing Single Ladies

Kelsey showing us her talent in the talent show.


Playing, “Baby I love you but i just can’t smile” One of my personal favorites.

doesn’t max look very handsome in his grey fedora? it was his valentines gift.

spend time with your friends. your smile will thank you!


Post Nutcracker Activities

This pic of Devin I took during Nutcracker is kind of how I’ve been feeling since the shows been over. We got one day off after our last show than it was back to class. My body is aching and hurting but thank goodness for the Epson Salts my Secret Santa gave me. Secret Santa, you are awesome.

Speaking of Santa…DuckDuckDana is doing a little ditty over at her blog where you can write a letter to Santa and she’ll post it on her blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s letters. I’ve been working on mine and will send it to her soon.

But since Nutcrackers been done I’ve been able to really spend time with loved ones and enjoyed all the wonderful festivities. I’ve bought and wrapped presents, listened to wonderful Christmas songs, and finally put up my family’s collection of Nutcrackers on the fireplace mantel. Plus I got my nails done (word to the wise: wait till after you’ve doe all your shopping to get your nails done), bangs cut, and my ears pierced.

For upcoming activities I have:

-BanB holiday party

-Galleria shopping with my boy

-slumber party with Nikki, Nat, and Avery

-hopefully getting to see all my college friends that are home

-watch Elf

What are your current holiday activities you find so enjoyable?


I’ve gone all Apple!

So on Saturday I finally bought me a MacBook Pro! I love it. I’m quickly learning how to use it and I must say, I am impressed! my MacBook is so smart. I know now while they call them geniuses!

Early Saturday morning I had a photoshoot with my good friend DuckDuckDana. Right after her shoot was when I went and got my MacBook and from the time I opened it up to the time I had Dana’s edited photos on Facebook, it had only been an hour! Yes you heard correctly, an hour! Love it.

Here are a few of my faves from Dana‘s shoot:

Dana shoot1

Dana shoot2

Dana shoot3