October Playlist 2011

Highlights from this month:

-My absolute favorite song to walk down the street to in New York is “Don’t Stop the Music.” It’s perfect strut music!

-“I’m Wishing/One Song” ┬áis a song from the show, Disney’s On the Record. The album is no longer for sale but if you can get your hands on a copy, do it, especially if you’re a Disney fan. The arrangements of all the songs are so much fun and this song in particular is absolutely beautiful.

-I’ve been listening to the White Christmas recording multiple times a day and getting so excited for rehearsals! “Blue Skies” has always been a favorite of mine.

-Once again, Slow Club has made this month’s list! “When I Go.” is such a sweet song.

-Recently found the gorgeous bass voice of Josh Turner and can’t help but melt a little everytime I hear him sing, “Why Don’t We Just Dance.”

-“The Girl” by City And Colour. Beautiful. Fun. Can’t stop listening to it.

-I’ve had Micky Green’s album for a long while now, but for some reason never listened to all of it. “Now it’s Gone,” is written perfectly and it makes me feel relaxed and at peace with life.

It’s been a great month and it’s not even over! I’m back in Houston for a bit before rehearsals begin and spending time with my family and the studio. Confession… I’ve started listening to some Christmas music… I know! But only just a little bit!