How to Succeed on Broadway

1) Get a huge Hollywood name who can actually sing, dance, AND act all extremely well

2) Get one of the most fantastic director/choreographers who really understands how to the revive a classic without ruining it

3) And then watch the house fill up show after show!

Saw H2S last week before I headed off to Htown. I had heard wonderful things about Dan Radcliffe and seen his amazing performance from the Tonys, but I wanted to see for myself what everyone else was saying. And wow… what a talent! It’s so nice to know that there’s talent like that out there. I truly think he was meant for the stage. He was so comfortable onstage and I appreciate how hard he’s worked to get where he is. He sang with great ease, his dancing was flawless, and his comedic timing was spot on. It was a perfect role for him and I’m excited to see where his future leads him. Hopefully for us there’ll be more theatrical endeavors.

The rest of the cast was brilliant as well. John Laroquette is such a seasoned vet. His take on the role was a lot of fun. Rose Hemingway was a perfect Rosemary! And the rest of the cast was as equally strong and brilliant!

 Now if only I could see the show when Darren Criss steps in…


Things I’m Thinking

-I could seriously listen to music all day long.

-I love this city so much, but it is much easier to live in when you have a job.

-I’m kind of missing my long hair… Kind of…

-Broadway needs to revive more classics and cast me.

-I love having Paige Wheat as my replacement roomie. We have so much fun! I’ll be sad to see her leave me soon.

-Gina and I always have the best of times on our little outings.

-King A gets here Friday. To say I’m excited would be an understatement!

-Recently discovered the vocal stylings of Sophie Madeleine. Where has she been my whole life?

-Why is it that guys have prettier eyelashes than girls?

-There’s a hurricane headed towards New York… Say waaaa??? I just moved from Texas to get by a hurricane. Seriously Mother Nature?

-Went to Ellen’s Stardust for dinner tonight. Let me just say that that wait staff is so incredibly talented and I think they’re freakin fierce, however I heard way too much back phrasing for one night!

-If you have the Iphone and do not have Instagram, do yourself a favor and join the fun. And follow me: ccphotographyny.

More another day. Now I must sleep to rest up for the hurricane! Yikes…!



Lunching with the Stars

Here’s another New York story for you…

After Kev and I got done hanging out with Jesse at the Rachel Ray show, the two of us decided we were hungry for some lunch. Kevin picks up his phone to call some friends. Here’s how his phone conversation went… “Hey what are y’all doing? …Well I want to bring Caitlin by so you two can meet her… Oh well we wouldn’t want to interrupt your Glinda/Elphaba time… (this is where I REALLY started paying attention!) …Ok well we’ll be there in ten and if you guys want to do lunch or not that’s up to y’all… Ok, bye!”

As he hangs up, I see on his phone that it said “Kate Reinders.” Being the Broadway geek I am I knew that Kate Reinders is a former Glinda and other Bway credits including, Bernadette’s Gypsy, Good Vibrations, and the Into the Woods revival. So immediately I ask Kevin, “Who’s the Elphaba?! Who’s the Elphaba?!” Low and behold it is Ana Gasteyer. Ana is most known for her work on six seasons of SNL but has many other broadway and theatre credits.

And I got to have lunch with these three superstars. I had a ball listening to their theatre talk and gossip. The greatest realization that I had is that they’re just people. Every famous person in your eyes is just as normal as you are. They have family, friends, a personal life… they are normal. I’ve found that I don’t get as star struck as used to get when I first started meeting celebrities and broadway stars. Instead, I try to see them for their talent and humility.

Lunch with Ana, Kate, and Kev was at this adorable little British restaurant, Tea and Sympathy, in the Village. It was very homey and quaint and the food was delicious. I will always go back to that restaurant and remember the wonderful lunch I had with those three stars!

Kevin is the best…


Livin the Dream

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed that Broadway would knock on her door. Every situation she would think about lead to her getting a Broadway show or a producer running into her on the street and saying, “Hey, you look talented! Be in my show!!”

Well I was that little girl and today a little friend of mine is livin the dream. Kennedy Ballard went to his callback for a role in the Chicago production of Billy Elliott. He made the cut today and is going back tomorrow. I’m so so sooo proud of him and know he’s going to do great.

I think about how awesome it is for him. He’s experiencing something I only dreamed about when I was his age. (I would’ve never been able to be a child performer because I’ve always been to tall.) Kennedy is a great and very talented kid and I wish him the best tomorrow!


101 Things that make me happy

Since it was on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list, i thought I’d knock this one out:

  1. love
  2. my family
  3. reading the scriptures
  4. taking photos
  5. giftcards
  6. giving the perfect gift
  7. cheese
  8. blogging
  9. temple trips
  10. picking out which headband to wear with a current outfit
  11. arm scratches
  12. finding new photographers i like
  13. everything and everyone in new york city
  14. chocolate bar
  15. anthropologie sales
  16. Rockstar Diaries
  17. when my silly niece, Avery, says “I love you Aunt Cia!”
  18. back scratches
  19. hearing makenzie’s voice
  20. seth rudetsky’s deconstructions (this one‘s my favorite)
  21. laducas
  22. singing in the car
  23. anything ever uttered out of elaine stritch‘s mouth
  24. old school theatre tap dancing
  25. a new richard calmes album
  26. my scotties, Bobby and BJ
  27. comments on my photos
  28. fresh flowers on the kitchen table
  29. the nervous, excited energy i get before a photoshoot
  30. when my doctors are happy
  31. skyping with my nieces and ashlyn
  32. fierce moments (i’ll have to blog about this sometime…)
  33. doris day movies
  34. fred and ginger movies
  35. hugs and kisses
  36. reunions with friends i havent seen in forever
  37. making slideshows
  38. dressing up all fancy
  39. sleeping in my bed on cold mornings
  40. cloudy days
  41. cute umbrellas
  42. ghost lights
  43. iyogurt, red mango, and pinkberry
  44. when he says he loves me
  45. finding old journals and reading them
  46. reading snapple caps
  47. waking up to a working alarm clock
  48. my photo chandelier
  49. putting on a new pair of earings
  50. watching a really good movie you haven’t seen in a long time
  51. downstage center
  52. taking a theatre dance class
  53. charleston chews
  54. anything black with white polka dots
  55. good news
  56. getting a letter or package in the mail
  57. counting down the days till summer new york trips
  58. looking at my yellow tulip painting from king aaron
  59. quoting scrubs
  60. watching bloopers on dvds
  61. General Conference
  62. regina spektor and ben rector music
  63. making lists
  64. lunch dates with my favorite people
  65. a massage
  66. holga photos
  67. hot chocolate on a cold day
  68. family dinners
  69. when people tell me they’re looking for my cheshire cat laplander! so sweet.
  70. Kevin Cahoon in the same building :))))
  71. disco dancing
  72. nailing an audition
  73. stepping off the plane at La Guardia
  74. little letters
  75. Junior’s Cheesecake
  76. “(This will be) an Everlasting Love”
  77. finding a new artist i like
  78. trying new sushi
  79. a good Sunday at Church
  80. engagement stories
  81. a jazz class on an emotional day
  82. “You Turned my Mourning into Dancing” music
  83. singing primary songs
  84. comforting hugs from my mommy
  85. puppies
  86. red lipstick with a cute black and white outfit
  87. star sightings in NYC
  88. licking icing off of a cupcake
  89. singing in the shower
  90. shopping trips with my sisters
  91. pumpkin pie with whipped creme
  92. sunrise on the beach
  93. a warm blanket right out of the dryer
  94. speaking “broadway” with someone who understands what the heck i’m saying
  95. yellow tulips
  96. white rose petals in my banb hoodie pockets
  97. makenzie memories
  98. thinking about the future
  99. accepting the past
  100. living fully through every minute
  101. this list

here’s to happiness, life, love, and makenzie.


My Real Home

“A bad day in New York City is still better than a good day anywhere else.”

Hello readers! Today’s topic is my real home, New York City. I decided to do a blog post about New York on Wednesday. Now King A, without my knowing also did a post about New York. We really are the same mind these days…

Ok, well during Wednesday Night Youth Activity (Mutual) at church, some of the leaders and girls were talking about colleges and future plans and stuff like that. The attention eventually turned to me and the question of “What schools are you applying to, Caitlin?” came up. I was ready for the obvious reaction from them as I said, “I’m not going to college.” They were all of course flabbergasted. Mind you, most of them did not know me very well. Some didn’t even know that I’m a performer. So I continued to explain my plan. Graduate. Move to NY. Auditions. Hopefully get Rockettes. Yada Yada Yada…

The topic of conversation than shifted to New York and their experiences there. Here are some of the following statements I heard, “New York is great to visit but its to smelly to live there.” “I visited their and after a day I wanted to go home.” “The subway is disgusting. I couldn’t stand it.” “Did you hear there are rats in the subway?” “I couldn’t see the sky!” “It’s not green enough there!” It broke my heart to hear those words. That was my home they were dissing!!! I naturally defending my loverly city.

I love everything about New York. I love walking in Central Park. I love looking up at all the skyscrapers. I love shopping in Chinatown and Soho. I love taking a taxi. I love fighting for a seat on the Subway. I love street performers and artists. I love Time Square. I love celebrity sightings. I love pretzels and hot dogs sold from street carts. I love how you can get anything you need at any time of the day. I love being able to walk to a Broadway Theatre. I love all the restaurants there. I love the business. I love Broadway Dance Center. I love the people there. I LOOOOVE New york Pizza. I love all the different cultures that thrive there. I love that people can go to New York to fufill their dreams. I’m moving there next fall for all these reason and many more.

I’ll leave you with images of me in New York. Wiggins can attest that I thrive in New York. As soon as I land in Laguardia, I’m home.