Try saying “Clothed Much”

It’s hard, right?

Dressing up is easily one of my favorite things to do. I don’t really need an occasion to get cute. I just love planning outfits, figuring out what lipstick to wear, and so on. Growing up, I was always that little girl who pretended to be Ann Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie when getting dressed everyday (if you haven’t seen that movie then shame on you.) I feel like what you wear says a lot about a person, so I always make an effort to try to look my best, even on days when I don’t feel like it.

I’m also very passionate about cute, modest fashion. Its so sad to see young girls and woman who feel like they have to dress like floozie to receive attention. That only shows that they really have no grasp on their self worth and confidence. The same can be said about girls who don’t put any care in their appearance at all. I truly believe that in putting 5-10 minutes into planning your outfit a day, the respect of the people around you will increase as well as your love for yourself.

Now getting to the point of this whole blog… CLOTHED MUCH! I found this modest fashion blog two(ish) weeks ago and am beyond beyond obsessed with it. Elaine of Clothed Much is my my fashion role model. I feel like her style would look good on pretty much any body type. It’s fun, modest, cute, sometimes casual, sometimes dressy, unique, easy, smart, hip, comfortable… someone stop me. I could go on and on… Each day I model my outfit after one of hers! (And the fact that she’s LDS totally rocks my world!)

My parting words to can be summarized in these 4 bullet points:

•You don’t need a special occasion to get dolled up. Smack on your favorite pair of heels, lipstick, dress- whatever! You deserve to feel special everyday!

•Ladies- on the first date, don’t feel like you have to “look cute” without looking like you’re “trying too hard.” Let him see the real you from the begining. Don’t try to be the girl he wants you to look like. Never sacrifice your fashion sense for a man. What do they know?!

•Modest is hottest.

•Go check out Elaine at Clothed Much!


…oh and on a theatrical fashion note, Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Hooves. JUST SAY NO!

love and laducas,


Or So I Feel


a friend recently insisted i started reading Or So I Feel, the blog of julliard trained actress turned writer, Meg Fee. her blog entries are imaginative, unique, relatable, and most importantly, honest. she makes me want to improve my creativity as a writer.

this particular blog post, really hit home for me. as hard as things get sometimes, i just think to myself, “this is what i’ve been dreaming about my entire life. i’m here. this is the dream.” i may not be on the great white way just yet, but all i’ve ever wanted is around the corner. literally.

read the musings of the ever so clever Meg Fee.


on a blog roll

posting so much today to make up for the whole month of no new posts!

i have a confession to make… i want to be nat the fat rat. i follow her blog religiously and i think she’s got to be one of the coolest people out there in the blogisphere. when i’m married and have a kid, i want to be nat the fat rat by day and mormon in manhattan by night. sounds like a totes amazing life, right?

check out her rad vid. and her blog.

gotta love mormon bloggers. we’re the bomb i must say!


Popping Up

So I love browsing through fashion/interior design blogs and I’ve done some major blog surfing lately. Everywhere I look, these stunning hats keep popping up! It’s like they’re taunting me!!! They’re just so freaking gorgeous.

Each more lovely than the last… Sigh…

Why do they have to be $300+ dollars?!

This is why I’m just going to have to marry rich! I have such expensive taste!

Behida Dolic, how I adore your hats. Anyway you can knock down the price? It’d be greatly appreciated!


Things I’m Thinking

-Some people just don’t know when to stop.

-I’ve found myself in the midst of grumpy people lately. I try to be extra happy but it seems to make the room sadder… Lighten up people.

-I’m on a major blog high. Can’t get enough of Apartment 34, Design Love Fest, my Lens of Love… there are so many brilliant people in this world!

-It feels good to be at the studio again. Different but the same.

-I REALLY need to do a photoshoot. ASAP.

-Anxiously awaiting Valentines Day. Anthropologie’s Wedding Line is being released. Dream come true! (I’m a huge wedding geek…)

-As of this very moment: New York= 30 degrees, Houston=59 degrees. Jealous, slushy New York???

-What was my life like without Ashley Van Pelt? I don’t remember.

-If you slur the words, “It’s Alright” so that it said, “S’alright,” it sounds like “Sorry.”

-I love my family so so much. I must say, I love living with my bro-in-law, Ryan. I never had brothers, so its fun to have some brotherly teasing. He gives the best advice and always provides great conversation. He and Nat are the cutest couple and I love seeing them all the time!!

-Been home for a week now and do you think I’ve emptied my suitcases? Probably should get on that…

-I’m about to turn 19? This year has certainly flown.

-Isn’t this photo just stunning:

have a great week!