Things I’m Thinking

-Some people just don’t know when to stop.

-I’ve found myself in the midst of grumpy people lately. I try to be extra happy but it seems to make the room sadder… Lighten up people.

-I’m on a major blog high. Can’t get enough of Apartment 34, Design Love Fest, my Lens of Love… there are so many brilliant people in this world!

-It feels good to be at the studio again. Different but the same.

-I REALLY need to do a photoshoot. ASAP.

-Anxiously awaiting Valentines Day. Anthropologie’s Wedding Line is being released. Dream come true! (I’m a huge wedding geek…)

-As of this very moment: New York= 30 degrees, Houston=59 degrees. Jealous, slushy New York???

-What was my life like without Ashley Van Pelt? I don’t remember.

-If you slur the words, “It’s Alright” so that it said, “S’alright,” it sounds like “Sorry.”

-I love my family so so much. I must say, I love living with my bro-in-law, Ryan. I never had brothers, so its fun to have some brotherly teasing. He gives the best advice and always provides great conversation. He and Nat are the cutest couple and I love seeing them all the time!!

-Been home for a week now and do you think I’ve emptied my suitcases? Probably should get on that…

-I’m about to turn 19? This year has certainly flown.

-Isn’t this photo just stunning:

have a great week!



I’m a proud owner of 10 pairs of Laducas

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

This is my most recent photo. I took it right before a PR event I did with Amanda. I love that costume. I love my job!

1. I’m a huge fan (and addict) of Anthropologie.

2. I despise green beans, pickles, and raisins.

3. I wish I was a cleaner person. My living space is usually an absolute mess. When its clean, I find I’m happier person. The only thing that motivates me to clean is when I know I’ll have company over.

4. I hate deleting photos. I’ll only delete it if its a) blurry or b) unflattering.

5. I’d like to travel more. There are so many beautiful places in this world that I’d love to photograph. Italy, France, Greece…

6. My fashion sence can usually be described as red/black/white, ruffles, has a bow, or polka dots.

7. I’m a proud owner of 10 pairs of Laducas.

8. I love to choreograph almost more than I do dancing.

9. I don’t like walking around in my apartment without socks or slippers on.

10. There are plenty of things that I never learned to do: Dive off a diving board. Driver. Ride a bike. Do a cartwheel. Roller skate/Ice skate. And I’m just starting to cook.

11. I’m a stickler for butter on popcorn. Lots of butter.

12. I’m currently learning the art of layering winter clothes.

13. When I started blogging, I didn’t think it would last long.

14. Things that 99% of the time make me feel better: talking to my best friends, ice cream, and fred and ginger movies.

15. I’m a big believer in “everything happens for a reason.”


Here’s to Happiness: Dec 2010 edition

As I’ve done before , I decided to make another list of things that make me happy, ala Taza (my blogger inspiration.)

1. splurging at Anthropologie

2. Pomplamoose

3. seeing the Radio City marquee as I walk to work every day

4. giving and receiving a smile as I pass a stranger

5. wedding photos

6. the perfect outfit

7. Genius playlists

9. drinking hot soup after being outside in the cold

10. having my family altogether

Happy December!


photo via i.anton photography


Things I’m Thinking

-Have I really been here for 3 weeks? Sometimes it seems like longer but than it seems just like yesterday I was at the airport saying goodbye to Mom and Ashley.

-photoshoots. I wish I had more time to do them. I love how beautiful this city is.

-netflix is so worth the $9 a month

-just received my red coat from anthro. can’t wait to sport it out on the streets when it gets cold!

-I really can’t wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters and Castle. Love those shows!

-My sunglasses are starting to chip. I miss my Raybans… RIP subway glasses…

-I really need a frying pan.

-I love that ever since I bought my rain boots, its rained once.

-If I get married in NY, I want to have my reception on a rooftop. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

-So looking forward to Sunday when I get to dress up in normal clothes.

-Being an adult and living on your own has its perks.

-Root Bear floats with chocolate ice cream are so good.

-I can’t wait to see my family and friends that are coming to visit me here in NYC!

Heaven on Earth

As celebration of my first week of rehearsals I decided to splurge a little bit and go for a small shopping spree at Anthropologie. Taylor came along to monitor my spendings!

I just love going to Anthro. Not only just to shop… but it is the most wonderful place. Its filled with so much creativity and ideas. I also leave so inspired. They’re catalogues too… I swear, if I wasn’t a performer, I’d want to be a photographer for them.

Isn’t it just beautiful? I want to live in the world of Anthropologie.

Here’s the sweater and purse I bought!

Where do you like to splurge?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!