Peeking in on Dracula Rehearsals

This weekend on my trip to Houston I was able to photograph BAHBT’s Dracula rehearsals. I didn’t get to see last years production and probably won’t be able to attend it this year as well, so it was a lot of fun getting to sit in on rehearsals. I’m so jealous of these kids. I keep thinking how much I would’ve loved to do this version of Dracula when I was in the company!

Check out the video from last year! Visit for more information on this years production.



Singular Sensations

day 3- a picture of you and your friends

This photo was of 2 years ago when we performed the opening number of A Chorus Line for Rafa on Bway. We all had so much fun and I just adore this photo.



I went and saw Creek’s Pop show tonight with my boy to see some of our very talented friends. It was a great night of young amazing talent. Creek definitely ¬†knows there’s stuff. Right or Silent… love it!

Act I closed with everyone singing a medley of NY and theatre related songs. In it was a song that I’ve loved for a long time. It’s called “Applause” from the musical of the same title. I remember thinking about this song during Grease. It’s just the greatest feeling when you’re standing on the stage receiving your applause. It makes it all worth it. Having that acceptance and enjoyment coming from all your hard work is probably the most fulfilling things possible.

Its a Grand Night for Singing

Big thanks to everyone who helped make this such a special and successful night.

My fellow cast members are so amazing and I’m so proud to call you guys my friends. Thank you!

We had a great turnout and I was extremely happy with everything that night.

Kenzie- Your voice is beautiful. Your taste in music is excellent. Love you dear girl.


p.s. gonna try to get some clips of the show on youtube soon!

A Song for Makenzie

Everyone at BAHBT remembers Makenzie as the dainty ballerina but only a few of us got to hear sing. Her beautiful voice was one of the many talents that made her such a special girl. ‘A Song for Makenzie’ is our way of remembering her voice.

Join us for, “A Song for Makenzie”, a vocal concert of contemporary and classic music in memory of Makenzie Stocker. The songs for the evening are all ones that were loved by Makenzie and music that make us think of her. The performers are Jason Allen Broussard Jr., Caitlin Cannon, Sean Jackson, Kristin Massa, Anna Rigby, and Alex Segura. The performance will be held on Saturday, March 27th at 7:30 pm at the Royal Academy of Fine Art’s Oliver Theatre. All proceeds of the night will go to the Makenzie Rebekah Stocker Scholarship with the Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre. Tickets are $10. For information and tickets contact the BAHBT Office (281)-480-1617.

I really hope everyone can come. It’ll be a wonderful night for those who knew and loved Kenzie or those who just want to hear some great music.

Love you all,


Warm Fuzzies

Photo by me from Natalie and Ryan’s shoot the morning after it snowed.

-Seeing snow outside while dancing the Nutcracker

-Taking photos of my sister and bro-in-law and seeing how in love they are

-Hearing my niece say, “I loooove you, Aunt C-ia”

-Makenzie memories

this song

-cuddling underneath my sheets on a cold rainy morning


-having amazing, surreal days

-seeing my Secret Santa’s reaction to their gift

-wearing my scarf my Secret Santa gave me (I LOVE IT! Thank you, whoever you are.)

-opening new doors that have always been there

-performing Spanish with my dears, Anna and Kate

-when a little kid tells me i was their favorite part of the show

-the holiday season and all its wonderfulness

happy holidays everyone! enjoy the wondefulness of this time of year.