Favorite Images from 2010

from personal photos to my photoshoots, here are my favorite photos from last year.

There are so many more images that I love from this past year, but of course I couldn’t put them all up. Can’t wait to see all the images that are created out of 2011.


Singular Sensations

day 3- a picture of you and your friends

This photo was of 2 years ago when we performed the opening number of A Chorus Line for Rafa on Bway. We all had so much fun and I just adore this photo.


She’s Still Got It

Yesterday morning i took some pictures of my beautiful friend, Abby. We had so much fun and I love what we came up with. What I love about abby when taking photos, besides that she’s just beautiful, is that she’s filled with creativity and she knows what things I look for in a photo. We make  a good team. Here are 4 of my faves! Happy Sunday!

Cara and Abby photos recently

Did two shoots with my dear friends Cara and Abby. I’ve photographed them before but it was just when I was starting my photography craze a few months ago. Since then I’ve learned so much more and I wanted to use what I’ve learned and photograph them again. If you’re on facebook you’ve seen the rest of ’em. Aren’t they just the most beautiful friends a girl could ask for?!

 Love you ladies :))))


After two weeks of trying to get it scheduled, my doctor finally got my eye lid surgery scheduled for Monday morning. I’m not sure whther or not I’ll be getting my hardware out of mouth at the same time. That’s still to be determined. But I’m just so relieved that its going to be happening!

Also, my friend, Abby has been in the hospital this past week and just got home yesterday. I’m so happy that her surgery went well and  that she’s recovering wonderfully. I love you, my little Abby!


Youtube Catch-Up

Lately I’ve been finding a lot of old vids on my computer and I’m slowly getting them all up on Youtube. So far I’ve put up three: My sleeping beauty ballet variation, me singing somewhere thats green, and Max and I’s ‘ography project from 2 years ago. Feel free to browse around my channel to view my other fun vids. I’m probably going to upload part of “The Speed Test” from Millie soon. Many more to follow. Enjoy!

Sleeping Beauty Variation

Somewhere That’s Green

Choreography ’08