I woke up this morning…

…and couldn’t really move my neck.

My neck’s been hurting the past few days but this morning has been the worst. My range of motion isn’t the greatest and I’m moving pretty slowly.

I’ve done advil and heating.

These are the times where I really miss my mama.

Not sure why it hurts so bad. Could have something to do with the way I’m sleeping. Or it could be from the awesome Deb Roshe classes I’ve been taking. Maybe it has something to do with the yucky weather we’ve been having lately. Who knows… but its giving me a headache and I don’t like it one bit!

So today when I should be running errands and taking class… I guess I’ll watch a movie or read a book.



One comment on “I woke up this morning…

  1. jamiesworldishere says:

    Hi Ms. Caitlin!,

    It’s Jamie. I had a HORRIBLE kink in my neck last week! 😦 I asked a pharmacist and she said the use Ibuprofen and a neck heating thing called the “Bed Buddy”. When you put the heat on your neck also stretch the direction that it is bothering you. Hope this helps!! Miss your pretty face!

    ~ Jamie Lynn~

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