First there was 3rd Rock…

…Now there’s Sex and the City.

Thanks to my fabulous roommate, Johanna, the entire series of SATC is on DVD in our apartment. So in between classes and auditions in this unemployed actresses’ life, knowing that if I left my apartment I’d only spend the money I’m try to save, I decided on plowing through Sex and the city season by season!

There’s nothing more fabulous than watching Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha in their fabulous outfits gallivanting all around New York City. As I watch them, all I want to do is have Sunday brunch, buy fabulous shoes from Barney’s, and check my non existent answering machine when I get home. Wouldn’t it be just amazing to have Carrie’s closet? Miranda and Steve have always been one of my favorite fictional relationships. Charlotte is the reason that I’ve always wanted a King Charles Spaniel. And Samantha… well I think every woman has a little part of themselves that wants to be as outspoken as her and have her I-don’t-give-a-crap attitude.

And then there’s always the debate of which one I’m most like. At first, I always go with Charlotte. She and I share that optimistic girliness. It’s that 50’s housewife attitude (and wardrobe)… we’re both conservative and traditional and love the same romantic ordeals. Sometimes though, I think I’m a Miranda. I now have the red hear to prove it. Like her, I can be a work-a-holic. And in absolute contrast to my “Charlotte self,” I have a slightly cynical side. It only shows up late at night and to my close friends, but Miranda’s negative attitude defiantly lives in me at times. I’m not even going to try to compare myself to Samantha. However, everyone wants to be Carrie. Her taste in clothes and words are sometimes a little off, but never without flare. The biggest similarity that I share with Carrie is that she always is led by her emotions, even if it leads her astray. What do you think? Was she better with Big or Aidan? I’ll spare you my thoughts and comparisons on my own dating life, but I daresay, it’s awfully fun to compare!

I just find myself constantly nodding my head over the wise words of these ladies discussing men, love, careers, life…

Can I get a yes, ladies?



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