Only in New York Do You Meet Someone Through An Iphone App!

What else do you do when a hurricane is coming? Why blog of course!

If you know me well, you know that I’m wildly obsessed with the photography app, Instagram, on my Iphone. Instagram is kind of like twitter, but for photos. You can either take a photo on your phone or use one from your computer and put all these interesting filters on it and then share it with your “followers.” Now I’ve been instagraming since April and love it. At first I would only take pictures of my day to day life and my followers pretty much only consisted of family and friends who also had the app. Then I started seeing some dance photography from other Instagramers and I thought, “My dance photos are just as good. I should put mine up!” So about a month ago I started instagraming all of my dance photography and putting #hashtags on them. I now have over 200 followers!! I love being able to share my work with people all of the world. Thanks Instagram!

Now if that wasn’t cool enough… There are several Instagramers who follow me that I also follow. They range from photographers, supermoms, and artists, all of whom are very talented and have such an amazing eye for light, love, and life.

One Instagram photographer, cupcakesonstage, contacted me about meeting me at the Crumbs bakery he managed. Wanting to make sure he wasn’t some wacko creeper, I look up his facebook photography page and find his name is Michael E. Mason. Still not entirely convinced, I look his name up on facebook and much to my surprise we had to mutual friends, both who were well established musical theatre friends of mine. So this Michael E. Mason couldn’t be all too bad! So I told myself I would go into Crumbs the next day if I had time.

Well, on the next day I had a few hours to kill while waiting for an audition and decided I would stop by Crumbs. What could it hurt? It’s a public environment and there were cupcakes. Any situation is better when cupcakes are involved. So I arrive inside the crumbs bakery. Two females were at the counter.

Ok. I’ll just wait here a minute looking at cupcakes till I chicken out.

Not a minute later a very tall guy walks out from a back room.

Hmm… That kind of looks like his facebook picture. Tall, scruffy face… Wait he’s staring at me… With the exact same look! BINGO!

We laugh. We hug. We make introductions. And then we sit discussing photography, editing programs, theatre, new york, rooftop views… it’s like we’d been good friends for a long time!

Only in New York people! Now I have a new friend and fellow photography guru.

Please check out his wonderful work on his facebook page. I love his gorgeous shots of the sky and his ridiculous editing talents!

Check it!



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