It Only Takes A Moment

So if you haven’t already heard, Hurricane Irene is supposed to pass through Manhattan this weekend. As they say on SNL, ooooohh weee, what up with that? It’s crazy that I moved from Texas to New York, only to be in the path of a hurricane! Crazy talk! I’m happy to inform you that where I live, Washington Heights, is probably one of the safest areas to be on the island. We’re on high ground plus it on the north west side, so it looks like we’re just gonna get a lot of rain.

Paige and I have loaded up on everything in the hurricane pirrouette prep list, and we’re ready for Miss Irene. And when I hear the name Irene, all I can think of is Hello Dolly. Anyone, else?

So with our flashlights, candles, playing cards, and coloring books, we’re gonna make the best of this hurricane weekend.

To my fellow New Yorkers, stay safe! And to everyone back at home in Tejas, thanks for all the well wishes. Hopefully this won’t be too bad!

love and laducas,


p.s. king aaron and his familia got into town today. perfect timing, right? storm or no storm, I’m glad he’s here and can’t wait to get all of this stupid rain stuff out of the way so we can play in the city together.

 snapped this on my roof the other night! can’t imagine what its gonna look like when the storm hits land!


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