Some Come to Stare, Some to Stay

Yesterday I went to two of my most favorite places in NY, the TKTS stairs and the Brooklyn Promenade. Anytime I stare out into Times Square with its crowds of people, lined up taxis, and shining billboards and marquees and when I gaze at the city from Brooklyn and see all the big buildings and lights… I cant help but think about what all is going to happen in my life in this amazing city. So much could happen. The scenarios are endless. All I know is that this city is going to be really important in my life. I’ve known that ever since I got here when I was 13.

I go through these days of unemployment, I have to keep looking to the future. The future is so scary, but I truly can’t wait.

So when I look at the city, I say, “Hit me with whats next! I’m ready! I was born ready!”

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