Late Night Dinner Date

Where: Prosperity Dumplings in Chinatown

What was Eaten: Pork Dumplings, Miso Soup, and Vegetable Pancakes

Absolutely amazing food at ridiculously low prices. Leave it up to a college kid to know the cheapest place in town!

Afterwards we wandered through the Village and came across a random corner store that G had been to before and said I just HAD to try their egg creme soda. What the heck is egg creme soda, you may ask? Well I did too! It contains neither egg, creme, or ice cream. Its a fountain drink that consists of simply milk, soda water, and flavoring. I know what your thinking…. Ew, right? Well it was only a buck so I said, “Why not!”

It was terrific. I’d venture to say it was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. I’ve always liked creme soda’s but this was just unreal!!

Always good food and good times!


and yes, I got my battery. let the picture fun begin!

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