Pizza Dinner with my fab Rox

Where: Vyne Wine Bar NYC

With Who: The 301 Rockstars and Rangers

What was eaten: Some very delicious pizzas

Met with some of my lovely Rockette friends last week for pizza (and for them drinks!) I almost did not go… Well I might as well publicly announce this- I didn’t get my job back and I will not be returning to the Christmas Spectacular this season. It’s a bummer but I know that everything happens for a reason. After doing Urban Cowboy this summer, I just know that musical theatre is my true passion. I love Rockettes with all my heart and maybe will return someday to it, but for now I’m positive that there is some other road for me to find.

I love these ladies so much. During the season they were my family. Even though I was the baby of the group, they took me under their wing and treated me as an equal. It’s amazing how much they taught me about how to be a woman.

Once a Rockette always a Rockette!



August Playlist 2011

If music be the food of love, play on.

-William Shakespeare


-“Back to Manhattan” by Norah Jones was the absolute perfect song for me as I came back to the city this month.

-Found Slow Club this month and prety much downloaded everything they’ve ever recorded. Such good music. “Dance Til the Morning Lights” and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” made this months list. It will NOT be the last time you see them on this here blog.

-Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” gets stuck in my head like crazy! Thank goodness I love it!

-Nat showed me “Kissable, Huggable, Loveable, Unbelievable” years ago, but now that I’m on my country music kick, I love it more than ever.

-The Puppini Sisters never do me wrong. Their rendition of “It Don’t Mean a Thing” always puts me in the best of moods. When the tempo slows down about mid way through the song you can’t help but swing along with them. Brilliant!

-Most songs are about relationships; relationships between two lovers, parent and child, friends… but have you ever heard a song from an uncle or aunts perspective to their niece or nephew? “Hank” by the amazing Ben Rector is exactly that. I love listening to this song and thinking about my sweet nieces and nephew and the love I have for them.

-Do you ever listen to songs that you’ve heard a thousand times and then you hear it one day and it has a completely new meaning to you? That’s how I am recently with Best for Last by Adele. Adele is one of those other amazing young writers of today that just get me!


Only in New York Do You Meet Someone Through An Iphone App!

What else do you do when a hurricane is coming? Why blog of course!

If you know me well, you know that I’m wildly obsessed with the photography app, Instagram, on my Iphone. Instagram is kind of like twitter, but for photos. You can either take a photo on your phone or use one from your computer and put all these interesting filters on it and then share it with your “followers.” Now I’ve been instagraming since April and love it. At first I would only take pictures of my day to day life and my followers pretty much only consisted of family and friends who also had the app. Then I started seeing some dance photography from other Instagramers and I thought, “My dance photos are just as good. I should put mine up!” So about a month ago I started instagraming all of my dance photography and putting #hashtags on them. I now have over 200 followers!! I love being able to share my work with people all of the world. Thanks Instagram!

Now if that wasn’t cool enough… There are several Instagramers who follow me that I also follow. They range from photographers, supermoms, and artists, all of whom are very talented and have such an amazing eye for light, love, and life.

One Instagram photographer, cupcakesonstage, contacted me about meeting me at the Crumbs bakery he managed. Wanting to make sure he wasn’t some wacko creeper, I look up his facebook photography page and find his name is Michael E. Mason. Still not entirely convinced, I look his name up on facebook and much to my surprise we had to mutual friends, both who were well established musical theatre friends of mine. So this Michael E. Mason couldn’t be all too bad! So I told myself I would go into Crumbs the next day if I had time.

Well, on the next day I had a few hours to kill while waiting for an audition and decided I would stop by Crumbs. What could it hurt? It’s a public environment and there were cupcakes. Any situation is better when cupcakes are involved. So I arrive inside the crumbs bakery. Two females were at the counter.

Ok. I’ll just wait here a minute looking at cupcakes till I chicken out.

Not a minute later a very tall guy walks out from a back room.

Hmm… That kind of looks like his facebook picture. Tall, scruffy face… Wait he’s staring at me… With the exact same look! BINGO!

We laugh. We hug. We make introductions. And then we sit discussing photography, editing programs, theatre, new york, rooftop views… it’s like we’d been good friends for a long time!

Only in New York people! Now I have a new friend and fellow photography guru.

Please check out his wonderful work on his facebook page. I love his gorgeous shots of the sky and his ridiculous editing talents!

Check it!


It Only Takes A Moment

So if you haven’t already heard, Hurricane Irene is supposed to pass through Manhattan this weekend. As they say on SNL, ooooohh weee, what up with that? It’s crazy that I moved from Texas to New York, only to be in the path of a hurricane! Crazy talk! I’m happy to inform you that where I live, Washington Heights, is probably one of the safest areas to be on the island. We’re on high ground plus it on the north west side, so it looks like we’re just gonna get a lot of rain.

Paige and I have loaded up on everything in the hurricane pirrouette prep list, and we’re ready for Miss Irene. And when I hear the name Irene, all I can think of is Hello Dolly. Anyone, else?

So with our flashlights, candles, playing cards, and coloring books, we’re gonna make the best of this hurricane weekend.

To my fellow New Yorkers, stay safe! And to everyone back at home in Tejas, thanks for all the well wishes. Hopefully this won’t be too bad!

love and laducas,


p.s. king aaron and his familia got into town today. perfect timing, right? storm or no storm, I’m glad he’s here and can’t wait to get all of this stupid rain stuff out of the way so we can play in the city together.

 snapped this on my roof the other night! can’t imagine what its gonna look like when the storm hits land!

Things I’m Thinking

-I could seriously listen to music all day long.

-I love this city so much, but it is much easier to live in when you have a job.

-I’m kind of missing my long hair… Kind of…

-Broadway needs to revive more classics and cast me.

-I love having Paige Wheat as my replacement roomie. We have so much fun! I’ll be sad to see her leave me soon.

-Gina and I always have the best of times on our little outings.

-King A gets here Friday. To say I’m excited would be an understatement!

-Recently discovered the vocal stylings of Sophie Madeleine. Where has she been my whole life?

-Why is it that guys have prettier eyelashes than girls?

-There’s a hurricane headed towards New York… Say waaaa??? I just moved from Texas to get by a hurricane. Seriously Mother Nature?

-Went to Ellen’s Stardust for dinner tonight. Let me just say that that wait staff is so incredibly talented and I think they’re freakin fierce, however I heard way too much back phrasing for one night!

-If you have the Iphone and do not have Instagram, do yourself a favor and join the fun. And follow me: ccphotographyny.

More another day. Now I must sleep to rest up for the hurricane! Yikes…!



Friends Come to Visit

Last week, Xavier, his amazing mama, beautiful sister, Angelica, and her crazy funny boyfriend, Nathan were in NY for one of Angelica’s pageants. Got to spend a lot of time with them doing touristy stuff which is always fun! Love that family and it’s always great having my Bubba around!

On stage after seeing Sister Act on Broadway with their friend Lance Roberts. Loved the show!

Come back and visit real soon, y’all, ya here!