Paris Part Un: Scenic Element

All you have to do is walk down a street in Paris, and you’re in love with the city.  I love going somewhere new and feeling it’s energy. As you walk along the cobblestone roads (which have no lanes!) you feel a sense of serenity. Unlike New York, no one is in her a hurry in Paris. You can’t help but realize how beautiful life is when everything slows down a bit.

There’s so much history in this city. I’m so glad we got to see all of the historic landmarks like the Arc de Triophe, Notre Dame, and the Lourve.

So I’ve never really been a tourist before, (my last vacation was Disney World at age 12), and I despise midtown tourists, so being one was quite the experience. I now have a completely different take on tourists. The frustrations of not knowing a language of the place that one is in is so embarrassing. Plus we got looked at you as if they were saying, “Oh, those stupid Americans!” We looked especially touristy whipping our maps out in the middle of streets. I have to say though, I was quite proud of myself though. My sense of direction has improved leaps and bounds and I credit it to living in NY. Living there gives you some kind of internal compass. And the streets in Paris… they make no sense! It’s a like a giant Greenwich Village! When you think you’re walking north to south your actually walking on a curve… It can get very confusing. But surprisingly, it was loads of fun getting lost. We found so many amazing places that we would’ve never found had we gone the right way.

Observing the seine.

At the Lourve.

And of course we saw the Eiffel Tower!!

View from beneath.

Then we went back to see it in the daytime!

From the streets to the palaces to the gardens… Paris, you are gorgeous!



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