The Tale of Caitlin and the Pigeons

Caitlin has always found pigeons to be very intriguing. The way they walk made her laugh. Then she met NY pigeons and her fascination grew. NY pigeons were just like the people in the city itself. They would wait on subway platforms, beg on the street for food, sit next to you on bench in Central Park… She loved seeing how close she could get to one without it flying away.

Then one day after a photoshoot with her friend Jaedon, the two girls sat in Washington Square Park eating pizza and discussing the usual (life, dance, and boys.) All around them were pigeons squawking around. ¬†Caitlin said, “Don’t you just love pigeons? They make me laugh.” Not two minutes later did a large piece of pigeon poop fall from the tree above them and land on Caitlin’s knee. “I hate pigeons.”

The end.


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