Things I’m Thinking

-i love the above. found via google.

-beth rowely is my new favorite jazz singer. can’t. get. enough.

-the only thing i miss about my long hair is when i would put it up in a high sloppy bun. gosh i miss that look.

-yah! the world didn’t end!

-i have and always will be madly in love with a black and white checkered marble floor.

-castle season finale. gasp. fringe season finale. gasp. nearing the end of the final season of 3rd rock on netflix. tear.

-is there anyone that likes auditioning???

-wild target with emily blunt. how come i just now saw it? can i please have all of her outfits?!

-there are so many people in this city. it hurts my head just thinkin about it.

-i love my sisters.

-paris!!!! you are so soon. i can’t wait!

-i need a job. i want to go shopping.

-if you’re a theatre person and you’re on twitter, please follow @BFAproblems. they will make your day time and time again.

-wow, I can get a lot of blogging done when I’ve twisted my ankle and have nothing else to do but sit in bed for three days.


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