Poker Face???

My fabulous roommate, Johanna Schlitt, is currently starring as Peggy Sawyer in a production of 42nd Street in Atlantic City. I cannot wait to go see her in it next week. I couldn’t be more proud!

The production opened to rave reviews with the highest of praises for Jo. This particular review is though very complimentary of Johanna’s performance, it’s quite the head tilter. Observe…

“In any staging of ’42nd Street,’ at least half of the pressure rests on the usually slim shoulders of whoever plays Peggy. In this case, it’s Joanna Schlitt, who defines both “spunky” and “cockeyed optimist” as she essays the role. The triple-threat Schlitt sings as well as she acts and dances as well as she sings. If there is any problem at all, it’s that the blond, sharp-featured Schlitt’s resemblance to Lady Gaga is a mild distraction.”

Lady Gaga????

Well I must say, never did I ever see it before, but in her blonde show wig… well… you be the judge!

Lady JoJo?



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