May Playlist 2011

I’m just lovin this playlist. It’s all over the place. Michael Buble, Mika, Bette Midler, Les Mis, Cold War Kids… I guess I’m just random this month!


~Miss Otis Regrets is adorable! Dying to choreograph something to it.

-Ernie Halter is starting to receive the fame he deserves… Justin Beiber covered one of his songs. So happy for him and I’m so glad to say that I was listening to him before everyone else! Boy does he know how to melt my heart…

-The Profound Beauty of it All by Kerry Muzzey is a song I found for my dear, King Aaron’s choreography project. The song consists of my favorite instrumental combination, piano and violin. Just listening to it breaks my heart. It’s melody is so simplistic and gorgeous and I tear up every time I listen to it.

I hope you’re getting excited for the summer. I am!



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