Get up, Get out, and Live it!

I LOVE living in this city. There’s a new adventure every single day to explore!

Max’s family was here for his end of the year show last week and I got to spend a lot of time with them. Love that fam.

Max’s Grandma stayed with her friend of over 50 years out in Brooklyn. Isn’t that awesome that they’ve been friends for 50+ years?! That’s how I’ve always seen Max and I; friends when we’re old and grey. I can’t imagine life without my friendship with him!

Always a good time hanging with my G girl in Morningside Heights! My first experience at an Ethiopian restaurant was a hit. I love trying new foods.

Got to see Wonderland on Broadway before it closed. And I got to meet fabulous Natalie Hill after the show! Love her blog.

Went to my first Yankees game with the ward and had a blast!

Flea market shopping was so fun. Here are all the things I almost bought!

Ended up getting some sassy black boots. Pics to come!

“Each day it’s free admission to those who dream!”



2 comments on “Get up, Get out, and Live it!

  1. shoelie says:

    i wanted to see wonderland soooooo bad! hopefully i can catch it around when it comes touring

  2. Naia says:

    I love your hair 🙂

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