Chance and Fate

Settled back in NYC for May. It’s good to be back. The weather is just gorgeous!

The thought of the day is:

Have you ever seen the moving Sliding Doors? It’s been a long time but I remember loving the general concept of the movie. IMDB explains the storyline… “Young Helen is fired from her job at a PR company, and when the sliding doors of the tube car close on her, we start to see what would have happened if she’d made the train, and if she hadn’t.”

The whole movie makes me think about chance and fate. Even though we do have free agency in this life, we can’t control every little thing that happens to us. We can control how we feel about what happens to us. It’s the choices that we make the lead us to chances we may not have gotten if we hadn’t made those choices. (did that last sentence make sense to anyone else??)

I make my choices and fate follows.

In time, everything will make sense.

 I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

But you can’t help but wonder…



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