Hello. Hi. How are you?

I got to see Maddie when she was in New York. My, how she’s grown… Hopefully I’ll get to see the rest of the fam one of these days. I miss them almost as much as I miss you.

I think often about what you at 20 years old would like like. I bet you’d be gorgeous and have dozens of men groveling at your feet!

I forgot how you were planning on going to Disneyworld to perform. You’d be so happy to see Dana there. I love how spread out we’ve all become and yet we’re still together.

Living in the city is so amazing. I’m so glad you got to come here and experience its amazingness.

Our closet talk on your 18th bday… I think about that conversation with you, me, and cara a lot. Oh how time changes everything!

I got my iphone a week before the accident. I treasure those texts that we had that last week, for I lost ALL of our old ones with my old phone. Along with our weekly photos we would take at your casa. I did get a few from Kade that I’d happen to text to him. I treasure those pictures.

You know, I can’t recall ever seeing you cry. You got close that one Mirliton rehearsal where I thought you were going to rip Luis’ head off, but you were solid as a rock. You were the most optimistic person. All the times I came sobbing on your bed, you’d know what to say. And even when you didn’t know what to say, you fed me ice cream which did the trick. Your comfort will always be one of the things I appreciated the most about your friendship to me.

Friday marks 2 years. It’s scary how fast time has flown. I’m glad I’ll be home with Aaron. Oh Kenzie, if you could only see what an amazing man he’s become. June 3rd changed all of us… for the better. As hard as it is sometimes, I know that we’re all better people now.

As lucky as I am to not remember what happened, it’s so painful not knowing sometimes.

You seriously never took a bad photo, did you?

I miss the homemade Stocker Salsa. Yummm…

Your mom gave me one of your statues from your collection. It means the world to me to have it.

The other night I saw Alina Cojocaru perform at ABT. I remember the picture you had of her in your bedroom. And how originally you put it there to cover the Thomas the Train art on the wall.

Hello. Hi. How are you. You look great today. And hey what’s new. And that’s so true. And oh my god. No way.

I finally watched The Notebook tonight. First time since we last watched it together. I teared up, but successfully did not cry. Then about an hour later, I sobbed. I’ll be seeing you…


photo by john gladu.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

G and I went to Brooklyn and walked the promenade and the bridge.

It was a beautiful night. Made me love the city even more.

G has an internship with an architectural company in Brooklyn this summer. She’s that cool.

So when I get back she’s going to show me all the snazzy Brooklyn places she’s discovered.

Pretty rad, right?

“Being in New York is like falling in love over and over every minute.”

(And yes, I just quoted Glee… get over it.)


Gelato Date

Where: Popbar, West Village

With Whom: Maximillion

What was eaten:

Max- Banana Gelato covered in chocolate sprinkles

Caitlin- Chocolate Geletto covered in hazelnut and dipped in white chocolate (yum… i know!)

Heard of Popbar from the always fabulous blogger, Nat the Fat Rat. It looked so delicious I just HAD to go check it out.

It’s messy.

It’s creamy.

It’s the perfect summer snack.

If you’re in NY this summer, Popbar is an absolute must.


The Tale of Caitlin and the Pigeons

Caitlin has always found pigeons to be very intriguing. The way they walk made her laugh. Then she met NY pigeons and her fascination grew. NY pigeons were just like the people in the city itself. They would wait on subway platforms, beg on the street for food, sit next to you on bench in Central Park… She loved seeing how close she could get to one without it flying away.

Then one day after a photoshoot with her friend Jaedon, the two girls sat in Washington Square Park eating pizza and discussing the usual (life, dance, and boys.) All around them were pigeons squawking around. ¬†Caitlin said, “Don’t you just love pigeons? They make me laugh.” Not two minutes later did a large piece of pigeon poop fall from the tree above them and land on Caitlin’s knee. “I hate pigeons.”

The end.

The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of seeing the new Off-Broadway show, The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World, at Playwrights Horizon. The staging , story, cast, music… left me speechless. Plus getting to see my friend, Kevin Cahoon strut his stuff is always a blast.

So if you’re in New York anytime between now and July 3rd you MUST go see The Shaggs!!! Truly one of the greatest pieces of new theatre I’ve seen in years!


Here’s to Happiness: May 2011 Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a HTH list (ala Rockstar Diaries) and since there are so many things in life to be happy about… I thought I’d share with you.

Here are 15 things that make me terribly happy

1. Sundays

2. Drinking Shirley Temples

3. Catching up with friends over lunch

4. Tap dancing

5. Discovering a new restaurant I love

6. The soreness I feel after a yoga workout

7. Cheese Pizza

8. Spring in New York

9. Wearing Lipstick and Heels

10. Popcorn with Reece’s Pieces

11. Jumping up and down alone in your apartment after getting a call that you booked a job

12. Looking through old photos

13. Being filled with pride for friends

14. Slideshows

15. Happy/Nervous Butterflies


Boot Scootin to Texas!!

This summer I’ll be making my professional musical theatre debut in Theatre Under the Stars’ production of Urban Cowboy at Miller Outdoor Theatre!

I’m so excited! So please come out July 14-19 and see the show. For RAFA people, Paige Wheat is also in it too!

I can’t wait…. Yipee!!

  Photo credit: Photo by Jeff Bellante, Copyright 2007 Gateway Playhouse