Gussie Her Up

I spent this morning and afternoon with MacKenzie, our Annie, as she got her hair dyed and cut for the show. It’s so funny to listen to her talk and see me at that age; she’s my mini me in so many ways. I only wish I sang half as good as she does. I can’t wait for people to come see her in Annie. That little girl is gonna bring the house down!

We’ve decided that life is more fun as a red head!

check out the commercial!!!

this saturday we’re doing a vignette at the kemah boardwalk. Weather should be beautiful, so come on out to see either our 11am or 1pm performance!



2 comments on “Gussie Her Up

  1. Aww thanks, Caitlin! I swear you’re like my big sister 🙂 Thanks so much for coming with us today!

  2. Meredith says:

    Of course life is better as a redhead!

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