Videos and Explanations

Seth Rudetsky makes me happy. i want to be his best friend. Nothing makes me feel better faster than his deconstructions. Tonight I watched this one, this one, and this one.

Adele can saaaang! hearing the story behind each of her songs is just inspiring. 

she loved to dance. what drives me crazy are most ballet dancers are such perfectionists that they forget why they love it. i hope i never forget.

obsessed with song, choreography, and dancer. makes me merry happy.

watched this first which got me hooked. then saw this and just tripped me out.

i love that audra and idina can sing the same song and for it to sound phenomenal in both of there styles.

can’t get enough of this girl. GIVE HER HER OWN SHOW!

Came upon this vid as i’ve been prepping for Annie. That key change is perfection.

this song makes me want to meet that person i’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with.

i love youtube.



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