I Know How You Feel

The topic today is feelings. So ya know how annoying it can be when someone tells you “I know how you feel,” and you think “How can you possibly know what I’m going through right now?” No one can possibly know exactly how another feels.

However, today I was doing some thinking while listening to my extensive Itunes library, more specifically, “Quiet” from Jonathan Reid Gealt’s album. I connect so personally to that song, almost to the point where I’m convinced he wrote it about my life. listening to song after song, I think, “How do these songs sound like it were me that wrote them?” The thing is, these artists who wrote them are probably feeling about the same as me.

Even though we’re all in different situations in our lives, in a way, we can relate more than we think. It may be different heart ache, but it’s still heart ache none the less. You may be betrayed, but you’re not the only one. You may hurt, but someone out there hurts as well.

So in a way, when that person says, “I know how you feel,” they kind of do. In there own way, they’ve gone through what you have. All humans experience the same type of emotions, its just the intensity of these feelings that differ.

So what do we do? We connect through literature, song, poetry, television, theatre, or just hearing each other out. We’re all the same.

“Every garbage worker, waitress and the man who stands the corner- just the same as you and I and every CEO in suit and tie. A different face a different name. But all of our feelings are the same.” -Ben Rector’s “The Feeling”



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