Beautiful Blogs

So last night I was up ridiculously late, stubbling upon all these amazing blogs about fashion, design, photography, food, and life. I just adore all of them. The column on the right of this blog entitled ‘Be Still My Heart’ is where you can find them.

I really liked what Sarah Klaussen had to say about clothes on her blog:

“Sometimes, I sit and consider the connection, or bond, between clothing and people, and find it most fascinating. A simple thing, a single piece, a little soul. Maybe it’s thanks to memories of a warm Grandparent, an entire Summer by the seaside, or maybe a peek into one’s own childhood—jolly Christmases, nestled within wool, spent caroling and enjoying hot chocolate with family and friends… my wish is that this little boy has wonderful memories that surround this coat one day, and that when he looks back, he sees what he had, who he was, how he was loved. And perhaps, just perhaps, he will have a son of his own, and that classic, little blue coat will carry on the tradition and become a special part of someone else’s life…”

So sweet… I’m so attracted to fashion right now. In New York, everywhere you look someone is looking positively phenomenal. All they have to do is sport a huge coat, tights, and heels with sunglasses and a giant tote bag and that  right there is fabulous.



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