I’m not one to blog about my love life…

… but I felt prompted to today. Everyone asks me if I’ve met anyone while I’ve been in NY. Not really. Seeing as the only guys I see are at work and most of them bat for the opposite team, I really haven’t met many straight men (remotely close to my age as well.)

So on nights like these where I wish I was on a cute Manhatten dinner date, I’m actually sitting at home eating oreos and watching White Christmas. This happens a lot, but a different musical/romantic comedy. I watch all these dreamy guys on screen and I think about what my dream man is… K, here’s my top 10.

10. Danny Kaye 

9. a straight version of Cheyenne Jackson

8. Jimmy

7. Jeffery Denman

6. Noah

5. Donald O’Connor

4. Gilbert

3. Fred Astaire

2. Mr. Darcy 

1. Gene Kelly

I realize that I’m in love with fictional characters and men that I’ve only see play fictional characters, but until Mr. Right comes along, these men will just have to do.


p.s. sorry im not much of a blogger these day. work keeps me very busy and i’m about to have a butt load of visitors for the holidays! so my blogging will probably be less frequent for the rest of the month. merry christmas and happy holidays!


One comment on “I’m not one to blog about my love life…

  1. Ashlyn says:

    Good list!

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