Female Inspiration

To go along with my list of guys, here are my top 10 female performers I am most inspired by…

10. Vera-Ellen, i watch her dance and it’s exactly how i want to move.

9. Ann Miller, first time i watched her tap i thought, i didn’t know that was humanly possible. perfection.

8. Karen Ziemba, she’s an absolute broadway gem. i could watch her perform all the time!

7. Bernadette Peters, no explanation is needed for her brilliance.

6. Nataly Dawn (voice of Pomplamoose), i absolutely love her voice. plus she’s so hipster!

5. Audrey Hepburn, true class.

4. Sutton Foster, i want her career. she’s truly amazing. i want go on out of fear of looking like a complete dork.

3. Julie Andrews, if i could choose anyone to be my mother besides my own, julie would be my choice. What a wonderful singer, actress, and person.

2. Judy Garland, every time I watch her I am in awe.

1. Ginger Rogers, she did everything Fred did but backwards and in heels. that pretty much sums up her amazingness!



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